What Is A Double Leg Takedown In MMA?

What Is A Double Leg Takedown In MMA
This post was updated on: April 1, 2020

The double leg takedown in MMA is also known as the double leg or simply the double. This is a move that involves grabbing the opponent’s legs with both arms and then pushing with your chest or shoulders in order to bring him to the mat. You can either lift the opponent, push him over, or slam him into the ground. There are several ways in which you can also counter the double leg takedown. In this article, you will learn how to execute the move and also how to counter it.

How to execute a double leg takedown

In order to execute a perfect double leg takedown, you must learn how to set it up. In MMA, if you do not set up the move properly, you could easily get caught in a choke hold, or you may get a huge punch to your head. There are many other defensive maneuvers that you must avoid when you are setting up the double leg. This is why they say that the set up is more important than the takedown itself. Basically, you should make this move as fast as possible and try to keep away from your opponent’s arms and fists.

Set up with a strike

This is the most common and straightforward method of setting up the double leg takedown in MMA. You start off by jabbing at your opponent’s head, to make him lift his arms in a defensive stance; once the arms are up, then you go for the legs in order to execute the takedown. This move may leave you vulnerable to a choke or a knee, but if you are fast enough, it should work well.

Note that faking to make a double leg takedown move may force your opponent to drop his arms to counter, leaving the head open for a few jabs.

Set up by chopping your opponents elbows

It is always best to go for the double leg when you have worn out your opponents arms. When your opponent is worn out, and he goes to grab your shoulders instead of striking them away, you do a quick chop to the elbows, with an upward movement of your arms. Strike the elbows with the space between your thumb and forefinger, effectively breaking his hold on your shoulders and propelling his arms upwards. This will leave you with the perfect opportunity to lunge down, grab his legs and execute the takedown. You should always watch out for a knee, as this is the common way of countering the double leg takedown.

Set up by juke shooting to draw a knee

This is a risky move and should be done with care. Now, a knee is one of the best ways to counter a double leg takedown and it can have devastating effects. A well placed knee to the head can result in a knockout. When juke shooting, you fake that you are going for a double, and then pulling out briefly. Your opponent will throw a knee to counter and only find air. This will destabilize him, and then you can now safely complete your move and take him down.

This is a move that needs a lot of practice due to the timing. You need to keep a sharp eye on your opponent’s knee, pull out when it is in the air and move in when your opponent is unbalanced, with one leg in the air.

Set up with the Russian Arm Bar

This is another way of setting up the double leg takedown in MMA. In this case, you twist your opponent’s arms and tangle them up, making him open up his lower body for the takedown. Your opponent will try to grab your head from the back; grasp the forearm, like you would grasp a baseball bat, and hug it close to your body in what is called the Russian Arm Bar. Your opponent will naturally try to get away from you by pushing you away with the other hand. At this point, dive below, throw the locked arm into the other arm, forcing them to tangle, and get them out of the way, you will now have a clear path in which to execute your double leg takedown.

How to counter the double leg takedown

Just as it is important to know how to maneuver into the double leg takedown, you should know how to counter it. Here are two of the most common methods of getting out of the takedown move.

Counter with a choke

Here, as your opponent moves in to grab your legs, quickly grab him around the neck, with your underarms. Pull up quickly and he will be unable to get to your legs. This is a painful move for your opponent since you yank his neck upwards and away.

Counter with the knee

This is an effective counter for the double leg takedown and it can even lead to a knockout. As your opponent moves in to grab your legs, quickly counter with a knee to the head or to the chest. If you are able to get him on the head with a powerful knee, he may be out for the count. If you get him on the chest, you will have thwarted the move, though he may not be knocked out.

In Conclusion

The double leg takedown is an important move in MMA since it gets your opponent on his back, where he will be helpless, and you may pin him and win the match. This is also a move that is commonly used in wrestling. The aim is to get your man on the floor and then you will be able to dominate him.