TKO Punching Bag Reviews: A Versatile Bag for Your Training

TKO Punching Bag Reviews
This post was updated on: April 1, 2020


When you’re training your body, using a punching bag is one of the best ways to work every muscle group and quickly tone and shape your upper body. Unfortunately, if you are trying to build muscle to a large degree, utilizing a punching bag will primarily add cuts to your muscles.

In this guide, we’re going to tell you all about the world of TKO punching bags as well as provide you with a few TKO punching bag reviews, so that you’ll know what’s available on the market. Working out on one of these products will do wonders for your health and coordination.

What to Look For When Deciding on a New Punching Bag

This isn’t easy, choosing will greatly depend on your needs and skill level. For more information, Chron has a great article on how to pick a punching bag.


As with most things, weight will greatly influence the type of experience you have with a TKO punching bag. For the most part, these devices hang from a ceiling, so be 100 percent sure that the structure that you have it moored to can withstand the bag’s weight as well as the extra strain of your attacks.

As a general rule, you’ll find a plethora of different weights on various bags. Some weigh absolutely nothing, like the inflatable variety, and some can weigh well over 125 pounds. Not every bag is precisely weighted; these tend to be the stand variety, though even these types can have a lot of heft to them

Also, weight has a great influence on your punching experience; weightier objects provide more resistance to your punch, especially if they are suspended like some of these bags are. If you are looking to increase the power of your punch, a heavier bag will help you build your support muscles, so that you’ll be delivering haymakers in no time. Livestrong has a great instructional video on how to hit a heavy bag.


TKO Punching bags can come in a plethora of different materials. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s the general consensus that leather and canvas are the most long-lasting of the punching bag materials.

Most TKO punching bags are made of vinyl, but they are comprised of one of the more heavy duty blends, so that you’ll know that a bag from TKO will last through decades of use. In some ways, this vinyl material has stronger features than traditional types, as vinyl will not crack with age like leather can or have seam issues like canvas.

This isn’t to say that TKO bags don’t also come in leather; as a matter of fact, TKO’s excellent speed bag is a leather punching bag that will help train your punch speed. The leather feels good under wrapped fists and tends to last for decades of extensive usage.

The Type of Punching

The types of punches an MMA enthusiast uses can differ greatly from the types that a boxer might throw, so consider this when you purchase a new bag. In addition to this, some bags are made for kicking as well as punching, so the stronger the material, the better for this type.

Filling Material

Today, there are many options when it comes to punching bag filling material. Some bags are filled with sand, though this type isn’t recommended for beginners as the sand can compress and it’ll feel like hitting concrete. Other bags are filled with water, which will grant you a truly unique punching experience. Water type bags tend to grant more give, but also maintain their shape. Amazingly, this type of filling material is the most like striking the human body, which of course is mostly water anyway.

For the most part though, you’ll find that most TKO bags come with a choice of two materials hard fill and soft fill. Let’s take a look at what each brings to the table.

  • Hard Fill: As the name suggest, this type of punching bag yields less to your punches than the other type. This type is comprised of a fibrous filling that is surrounded by one inch thick semi-hard foam. Typically, this type is harder on your arms because of its hardness, so if you’re a beginner that’s just starting to train your arms, go with a softer experience.
  • Soft Fill: Soft fill is comprised of the same fibrous filling, but you’ll find that the external foam is much more forgiving under your punches. As a result, these tend to be easier on your hands and joints, but still give plenty of resistance that will help tone muscle and develop speed.


The final consideration that you should make when purchasing a TKO punching bag is type. There are several types of punching bags that will all yield completely different experiences. Let’s take a look at them:

  • Hanging: This is the type that has the most resistance and weight. If you’re looking to develop your punch’s strength, then this is the bag type for you. Your punches will cause the bag to swing in your training area, so be sure that no one else is around the bag during your training sessions.
  • Standing: This type is designed to more accurately emulate the experience of hitting an opponent. Some are even designed to look like a human, so that you can more easily get a physical representation of where to hit a person in a match. This type can also be heavy, but this weight is there to steady the punching bag.
  • Speed Bag: This type also hangs from a ceiling, but unlike the weighted hanging bag, this one is there to help you develop your hand speed and accuracy. TKO’s model of this type is made of durable leather. Expert Boxing has a great guide on how to use a speed bag.

TKO Punching Bag Reviews

TKO 25 lb. Vinyl Heavy Bag

TKO 25 lb. Vinyl Heavy Bag

This is the perfect bag to get you started in your boxing regimen. It’s designed to be relatively light at 25 pounds, so you won’t get an excess of resistance as you train your punches for speed and power. This style of bag is great for beginners because it doesn’t put an excess amount of strain on your wrists as you develop your support muscles.

As a matter of fact, this is the perfect in-home model because you won’t need to worry too much about damaging your ceilings or supports because it’s too heavy. You can simply train at home with this, and then graduate to the much heavier bags in the gym once you feel you’re ready.

Things We Liked

  • This is a great beginner product that will help you progress and get toned for more advanced boxing and MMA regimens.
  • The vinyl material that this bag is comprised of is tough and durable enough to take a lot of punishment from even advanced users.
  • The cast iron chain is treated with a powder coat finish, which means that if you’re using this in a place with a lot of moisture like a den or garage, the extra moisture won’t rust the metal on the chain.

Things We Didn't Like

  • This is only a 25 pound bag, so experienced boxers and trainers may not find that this has enough built-in resistance.
  • If you are planning on doing a lot of kicks with this bag there is one caveat: it’s relatively light, so you can get overextended if you put a lot of power into your attacks.
  • This is a soft fill bag; if you want to train your strength, this might not be the bag for you.

TKO Heavy Bag 75 Lbs - Pro Style

TKO Heavy Bag 75 Lbs - Pro Style

This is a more robust model of TKO punching bag. It has a lot of the great features of the 25 pound model, but weighs a hefty 50 pounds more. The result is a more resistant bag that absorbs your punches more stoically. For this bag, TKO used a mix of vinyl and PVC coating, which really adds to the durability and lastingness of this punching bag.

Since this is a bag with a mid-tier amount of weight, the manufacturer included welded cast iron D and O rings for stability and weight distribution. These metal components are also protected by a powder coat, so if you are training in an environment that is prone to a lot of excess moisture, you won’t have to worry about the chain or supports rusting.

In regards to the training experience, this bag is hydraulically filled for even weight distribution, and it features a soft fill that provides adequate resistance. In addition to this, the 75 pound weight is more than enough to provide a great regimen for anyone looking to build up their punch strength or tone up their muscles.

Things We Liked

  • This bag has a mid-range weight that’ll help you get in shape quicker.
  • This bag will also help utilize your support muscles because of its weight range.
  • It also has top tier weight distribution.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Having a 75 pound bag suspended from your ceiling that swings from time to time can cause damage to your house
  • This bag can become somewhat uncomfortable to hit when you’re perspiring.

TKO 502VMT Muay Thai Bag 125lbs

TKO 502VMT Muay Thai Bag 125lbs

Muay Thai or traditional kickboxing, utilizes a mix of punches, kicks, and knees to tone and shape your entire body, so a punching bag that’s designed for this ancient art needs to give great resistance. Fortunately, this bag is a full 125 pounds, so striking it will feel weighty and balanced. This is the heaviest bag that we’ve reviewed, and it works well for standard kickboxing as well as boxing.

To better accommodate high kicks, this bag is designed to be extra long, so that you’ll have a full extension. It also utilizes a 22-ounce PVC-coated vinyl outer shell that’ll take a thorough beating over the years without faltering. As a Muay Thai bag, you’ll also need to chain it to the floor as well as the ceiling. This’ll prevent the bag from swinging too widely when you hit it with a knee or a hard kick.

Things We Liked

  • This is a great weight for developing your punch strength and isolating your core muscles.
  • Muay Thai practitioners won’t find a better bag to practice their art.
  • The bottom chain adds a bit more resistance; the bag won’t fly everywhere when you strike it.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Over time, you might have to add carabiner clips to the chain; they tend to weaken a bit with age.
  • This bag is a little soft.
  • If you are only using this to train your punches, much of its value is being neglected.

TKO Speed Bag 9in x 6in - Pro Line

TKO Speed Bag 9in x 6in - Pro Line

The previous bags are all designed to develop strong muscles. This product, on the other hand, is designed to help you train speed and precision. A speed bag is a great way to build up the support skills you need for boxing and also are perfect for adding a little definition to your upper body. This speed bag is comprised of leather, which means that it may even outlast you.

When you train with this bag, you’ll notice that the loop is triple reinforced, which means that it would take a lot of punishment to damage it. This is perfect for long hours working with this speed bag, as these tend to be the types of punching bag that take the most overall punishment.

Things We Liked

  • When you use this type of bag, you’ll soon find that your muscle coordination is improved as well as hand speed.
  • You won’t find a more durable training aid on the market.
  • You won’t need gloves to practice with this punching bag.

Things We Didn't Like

  • You won’t develop hand strength with this.
  • It’s very hard to work on other muscle groups with this style of TKO punching bag.
  • If you don’t maintain the bag over the years, the leather can start to crack a bit, especially around the seams.

TKO Inflatable Punching Bag Tower with Pump, Red Model: TKO-PT001

 TKO Inflatable Punching Bag Tower with Pump

If you’re not looking to tone up or boost your strength, this style of punching bag tower is perfect for you. It’s fully inflatable, so all you’ll have to do is step on the pedal pump until the bag reaches your preferred inflation level. Like many of the TKO bags in this review, this is comprised of a durable vinyl that can take continuous beatings for years.

In addition to its value as a training tool, you won’t spend a lot of cash on this, and it can easily be set up in any room of your house. Because of its air-filled nature, this is also a low impact bag, so you won’t need any hand or foot protection while you train your body.

Things We Liked

  • This is a quick and easy training device; you can quickly inflate it and get to work.
  • This is the perfect item for kids to stay in shape. It’s gentle on the fists and is quite fun to exercise with.
  • It’s also very portable. It doesn’t take much to simply deflate and throw in a bag, so that you can exercise and train, even from a hotel room.

Things We Didn't Like

  • While you’ll be able to tone with this, you won’t be building your punch strength since it has so little resistance.
  • While training, this bag tends to want to go everywhere since it’s so light.
  • If you’re not careful, you can pop this bag.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Of our reviewed items, the TKO 502VMT Muay Thai Bag 125lbs is the clear winner. It’s super-long construction and high weight makes it the perfect tool for a well-rounded workout. With this, you can easily train your entire body and increase your overall strength level.

Buying a punching bag is a great investment into your health and wellbeing. With these items, anyone can firm up their muscles without the danger of bulking up to extensively; you’ll become stronger and more well defined, without looking like a bodybuilder. We hope this list provided you with a look into the world of TKO punching bags, and we hope that our TKO punching bag reviews gave you a great idea on how these bags work and their strongest features. In any situation, we hope that the bag you pick helps to greatly increase your health and well being.