How To Hang A Punching Bag?

How To Hang A Punching Bag
This post was updated on: April 1, 2020

If you are an aspiring boxer, then you know that having a punching bag is crucial to building your speed, agility and power. You may have one in the gym, but you may also want to hang one at home so you can train in the privacy of your home from time to time. You need to know how to hang a punching bag, so you can do it properly.

Hanging a punching bag is a delicate procedure which must be done right. The bags are quite heavy and if not secured properly, there is a high risk of the bag falling down one day, and probably causing damage to your roof or ceiling.

A lot of thought and planning goes into the setting up of a punching bag in the house. You must look for the strong points in the work room. You must also ensure that the strong beams will give you space to train with the punching bag. Using a beam next to the wall will impede the swing of the punching bag. Several considerations must be taken into account when you are hanging a punching bag.

What Do You Need When Hanging A Punching Bag?

Not all houses have a strong beam on which to hang a punching bag. The simplest method would be to hang the bag on a strong beam in your garage, but if you do not have one, then you will need a support structure that can be mounted on a wall.

Whether you want to mount on a ceiling or on the wall, there are certain accessories that you will need. Here are some of the items that you need:

  • A Drill and strong drill bit
  • Eyebolt Screws
  • An S-Bolt
  • Swivel Link or Spring Link
  • Duct Tape

When you are looking to mount the punching bag using a wall bracket, then you will need to go to your sports store and ask for one. The wall mount is the best since you do not do any damage to your ceiling. The bracket is only supposed to be used on masonry walls and not dry walls.

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Hang A Punching Bag

Method 1 – How to hang a punching bag on a beam


Where to place the bag

Start off by deciding where you will place the punching bag. It should be in a place that allows 360 degrees of free movement around the bag. This is probably best done in a basement or garage where there is a lot of space


Drill a hole and use insert the eyebolt

Using the drill and drill bit, make a hole in the beam and then twist the eyebolt into the hole. You should finally tighten it using a wrench so it if firm.


Secure the punching bag

Secure the chains to the top of the punching bag and then attach these to the swivel hook. Attach the swivel hook to the S-Hook and then lift this into the eyebolt in the beam. Your punching bag is now ready for use.

Method 2 – How to hang a punching bag using a wall bracket


Mark off the wall bracket

Depending on how high you want the punching bag, place the wall bracket on the wall, and then mark where the holes will be drilled. You can use some paint, a felt marker, or a screw driver which will be able to make small scratches in the masonry.


Drill the holes and secure the bracket

Using the drill and drill bit, make holes at the marked spots. After the holes are done, secure the bracket to the wall using bolts, and make sure that they are tight. The bracket should have at least 10 bolts. 4 bolts on the upper bracket, and another 4 on the lower one. Then there are two huge bolts which go into the main strut that connects o the overhanging arm.


Secure the punching bag

Connect the chains to the top of the punching bag and secure them using the swivel hook. Get the S-hook to connect to the swivel hook and then lift the bag to the eyelet that is attached to the overhanging arm of the wall bracket.

In Conclusion

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading about how to hang a punching bag. This is an exciting exercise for any martial arts or boxing enthusiast. Having a punching bag readily available in your garage, basement or backyard is great since you can train at any time that you want. You may go for a jog in the morning and then have a short session on the bag before you enter the shower. You can also have a go at it when you get back from work.

It is quite easy to hang a punching bag in your house, as you have seen. All you need to do is find a suitable place for it; the attachments are easy to create. Hopefully, with this tutorial, you will be able to do a good job, and place your punching bag in a location where you will enjoy training.