Hayabusa Boxing Gloves Reviews

Hayabusa Boxing Gloves Reviews
This post was updated on: October 1, 2021

Hayabusa Tokushu boxing gloves are still considered as MMA gloves, but they are being accepted by mainstream boxing gloves for the trendy. They are considered some of the most surprising gloves of all time. For example, you may just think that these are gloves that are highly-priced for their look and not performance, but when you try them on, you will be shocked to find that they are very good gloves indeed.

The Delightful Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves

These are gloves that come out of the box in a broken in state. You can immediately put them on and open your hand fully. It can absorb shock well, thanks to the layered padding, which many boxers love. There is a dull feedback from the gloves, making them feel more springy. These gloves also pay a lot of attention to the protection of the boxer’s hands. They have patented a new Dual-X closure for the wrists which allows the boxer to land punches accurately and not hurt the wrists. Even if they have Velcro wrists too, these are the best that most boxers have ever felt.

What’s Good About Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves?

These are best for any type of workout; they are all-round boxing gloves. The padding is said to be very soft and they should not be used for sparring, since the impact may be too hard on your partner. Most people prefer gloves with more padding for sparring. However, you can use these gloves for any purpose that you want. They have great protection for your hand, so you can use them to hit the punching bag.

A Closer Look at Hayabusa Tokushu Boxing Gloves

Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu Regenesis

Hayabusa Fightwear Sport

Hayabusa Fightwear Tokushu Regenesis White
Hayabusa Sport 16oz Training Gloves

As mentioned above, these are boxing gloves that have high-tech design and construction features. Here are some of the great features of these gloves.

Weight and Distribution

Hayabusa Tokushu boxing gloves do not come with as much padding as other gloves and this makes them very light in weight. They have great distribution of the layered padding, and this makes them fit your hand rather well. One will never have to fear about injuries to the hand when using these gloves.

Design and color

Hayabusa Tokushu boxing gloves come with a lot of high-tech features that ensure a great design. Here the Dual X Closure comes in; this is a patented design feature which ensures that the wrist is protected at all times. The fighter does not have to worry about a badly placed punch ruining his training day. These gloves come in very attractive colors. The design and mix of different colors makes them ideal for flashy boxers.

Hayabusa Official Fightwear Tokushu Gloves


Hayabusa Tokushu boxing gloves are made from Vylar, which most people decry, given the cost; they expect the gloves to be made of leather due to the high price. There is no loose stitching on these gloves, and the stitching is mostly straight. This means that the padding is not messed up by the stitching. These gloves are near-perfect in their construction. There are too many logos on these gloves and this makes them look like toys, instead of the professional items that they are. There is a mesh on the underside of the palm.

Comfort and use

The gloves are extremely comfortable given the soft layered form used for padding. The gloves have a hard carbonized bamboo liner which can be a little rough on the hands. They liner does not scratch or tear your hands, but it feels a bit odd. The liner is also not so good for a boxing glove. It causes too much sweating and acts as a sponge, rather than a moisture repellent.

The issue of the thumb position has troubled the designers of these gloves, until they had to change it when they made the Regenesis model. Many boxers would complain that the thumb position was making their hands to cramp up, quite early, unlike other gloves.

The hand compartment has a lot of room. This is something that people with small hands should note; you may get a 16oz model and find that it has too much space for your comfort.

What others say

As mentioned, the Hayabusa Tokushu boxing gloves have a great following, but also a lot of negative reviews. Do take a look at some of the issues raised and praised by other users.

Alternative Boxing Gloves

Title Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves

TITLE Boxing Pro Style Leather Training Gloves

These are fantastic gloves that have a crisp, clear design. They catch the eye since they use colors of great contracts. You will find most with white logos placed on dark backgrounds. They are comfortable and offer a lot of protection for the boxer. They have a layered foam padding design, which allow for powerful blows, but little hard to the hands. The lining is made from satin nylon, which keeps the hands comfortable as you go about sparring with your opponent. The same satin nylon wicks away the moisture, and this helps in keeping them free from mildew.

Fairtex Muai Thai Style Sparring Gloves

Fairtex Muay Thai Style Sparring Gloves

These gloves are designed for pad training, bag work and sparring. They can be used for a wide range of activities including MMA. They are made from high-quality leather and are therefore long-lived. They have a hook and loop wrist system, and it offers great protection when fighting or training. You are able to adjust the snugness that you feel in your wrists until you are fully comfortable. The fact that the straps hold your wrist snugly also ensures that your punches are in the right form so you do not hurt your hand. Most people will attest to the fact that the support that these gloves offer is uncanny, and they could be one of the safest gloves to use. You do not have to pay a lot to get good gloves; get these instead.

Ringside Ultimate Pro Fight Gloves

Ringside Ultimate Pro Fight Gloves

These are lightweight, compact and hard hitting boxing gloves. They encourage technique in dismantling your competition. These gloves are made from genuine cowhide leather which allows for hard hitting aggressive punches. They have a layered padding design, which somehow fits the hand very well, and promotes power. The setting of the fist is natural, enabling you to fight in comfort, without having to worry about injuries. They have piped edges which enhance the effect of powerful punches. They have a pre curved design, and have double reinforced seams on the leather. You can use the gloves for sparring, bag work or pad training. The gloves can be used by the pros, as well as beginners, since they promote a natural fold of the fist as well as protect the hands from any injury. The gloves are not too expensive, and are a great way of adding power to your boxing.

In Conclusion

Hayabusa Tokushu boxing gloves are great for their improved performance, even if they look like mere designer gloves. They are surprisingly well balanced and many people have taken to using them for all kinds of boxing training and sparring sessions. There are a few design flaws, but these have been addressed in the creation their most recent designs. When it comes to choosing an alternate boxing glove, Ringside Pro ultimate fight gloves make a great option. They are low-priced gloves, designed for a professional. It is said that with these gloves, you will have more power, simply because of the way they fit your hand. This is great news to people who want to take their boxing to the next level.