A Review of Grant Professional Boxing Gloves

Grant Professional Boxing Glove Review
This post was updated on: October 1, 2021

Introduction to Grant Professional Boxing Gloves

Among the professional boxing glove brands that started recently, one of the most notable is the Grant professional boxing glove; the company only started in 1995 and has become a great brand, especially in America. People like Evander Holyfield and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. are known to have fought with Grant Gloves.

Why Choose Grant Professional Boxing Gloves?

Great boxing gloves have good craftsmanship, design, and feel. Grant professional boxing gloves have all the aforementioned properties. These are gloves that are painstakingly hand-stitched in Mexico by leather professionals. There is not one stitch that is out of place with these gloves. Now if you are looking for professional boxing gloves, the II would recommend that you try these. They come in various colors, and if you would like the colors mixed up, then they will gladly get you a customized design.

All About Grant Professional Boxing Gloves

Grant professional boxing gloves are made especially for fighting. Unlike the sparring and training varieties, which have a thicker padding and may seem heavier, these ones do not. They are made especially to land hard-hitting punches, which your opponent will feel. These do not have any Velcro on them and only come with laces. These gloves are made of special leather and the lining is specially protected with satin nylon to avoid sweat from getting absorbed into the leather.

A Better Look at Grant Professional Boxing Gloves

Despite being a relatively young boxing glove manufacturer, people have taken a liking to Grant professional boxing gloves. Here is the reason why:

Weight and Distribution

Grant professional boxing gloves do not have a lot of padding. These gloves are meant for the professionals. They have a longer sleeve which offers protection to the wrist once the laces have been tied up. The gloves also do not have any straps so the laces are all the anchoring that the gloves have. The padding of the glove is thin, and is supposed to pack a powerful punch. Perhaps this is why some of the great professionals of recent times used these gloves. They are light and allow for speed and power. They are truly the warrior’s glove, and any professional should have a pair in his arsenal.

Design and color

Grant professional boxing gloves are made for flair. They are the type of gloves that pros like, so they can show them to their fans in victory. Most professionals will order their own custom colors, possibly to create their own boxing brand and fame. However, you can still get traditional colors like red, blue, green, pink, white and black. You can also get them mixed up. The design of the boxing glove is great. The workmanship is fantastic, and these are gloves to be worn with pride.


Grant Boxing Grant Professional

Grant professional boxing gloves are designed and stitched by hand. Unlike other hand-stitched glove, these do not have any flaws in the stitching. The seams are perfectly folded and stitched together. The quality of the stitching is so good, that the gloves can take the punishment of several professional fight sessions and still look new. When you look at the design of the glove, you see the care and pride that the craftsmen had when they put it together. The lining is properly stitched so as to repel water and keep the leather fresh at all times; no sweat will be seeping into your professional gloves.

Comfort and Use

This is where Grant professional boxing gloves become the winners. These gloves are designed in an old-school manner, but done to contemporary standards. When you look at the long padded sleeve, you only think about the protection of the wrist during punching. This padded sleeve can also be used to block and parry blows, without worrying about hurting the wrist.

The laces go all the way to the middle of the palm. This ensures that there is enough air getting into the boxing glove without affecting the integrity of the whole ensemble. You can deliver fast blows and not break a sweat inside the boxing gloves.

The padding of the Grant professional boxing glove provides for superior fist and knuckle protection. You can deliver your blows with as much power as you can and not feel the pain when your fist makes the connection. This is a plus for professional fighters and this is why this glove is becoming the go-to glove for these fighters.

What others say

Take a look at what some experienced boxers are saying about the Grant professional boxing gloves and their superiority.

Alternative Boxing Gloves

RevGear Deluxe Boxing Gloves

RevGear Deluxe Boxing Gloves

Black Vinyl Coating makes the gloves durable and great for aspiring professional fighters. The gloves have a complex construction which is designed primarily to ward off the shocks from the impact of professional boxing fights. They come with side thumb protection to avoid injuries and have a 5-layer foam protection to minimize impact. Most people who buy these gloves are looking for a way into professional boxing. The price is low so they are not expensive to replace. They probably would not take as much of a beating as the high-end gloves, but they are still a great bargain. If you need gloves that will protect your hands, conform properly to your fist, then these are the gloves that you should get. Many people also use them for sparring sessions.

ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves

ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves

These are light boxing gloves which have a black outer color and red palms. This gives them the flair that a boxer needs to bolster his or her confidence. They are ideally used for cardio and martial arts, but they can also be used for boxing. The palm is vented to allow for better intake of air to keep the palms cooler and avoid sweating. They have a pre-formed curve which helps in naturally forming a fist for powerful punching. They have a hook & loop wrist strap which is great for protecting the wrist, and also easy to remove without assistance. The gloves have a thumb lock to avoid accidental injury, and have a great fit. Sparring, shadow boxing and bag work will be much better when you use these gloves, which are also made from quality leatherette material.

Meister Pro Boxing Gloves

Meister Pro Boxing Gloves

These are boxing gloves that are best suited for heavy bag work and fitness exercises. The body is made from ultra-durable synthetic leather and it comes with several layers of high density foam padding. The wrists are enforced to ensure maximum protection to your wrists, and they keep the hand in the proper position when punching. They have an ergonomic design, with molded thumbs, which ensures that the glove fits your fist well. It has double-stitched seams to ensure that they do not tear when they are subjected to hard hitting. These gloves are light and can be used to build up speed and accuracy during training session. Meister really went out and designed some great boxing gloves for both professionals and beginners.

In Conclusion

Grant Professional Boxing Gloves were designed with the professional boxer in mind. They have been used in recent years by some of the best fighters today. If you are a pro, and need gloves that you can use with great power, and still not get hurt, then these are the gloves to get. When you are going through your training routine, use the Meister Boxing Gloves with Wrist Support since they allow you to go on with your high intensity training while offering your hands the best support and protection. These gloves are made for heavy training and will be a great advantage to you.