Everlast Pro Style MMA Training Gloves Review

Everlast Pro Style MMA Training Gloves Reviews
This post was updated on: October 1, 2021

An Introduction To Everlast Pro Style MMA Training Gloves

After starting out as an MMA fighter, I needed to get a pair of training gloves that would fit the form of my hands, feel comfortable and still allow me to train properly. I took up Everlast pro style MMA training gloves, and have never looked back again.

Why do you need these special training gloves?

When training, it is best to have gloves that are the same weight and shape as those that you will use when you enter the ring. The gloves must be of the same materials and have the same qualities as the real ones. There may be small changes, but these should be negligible. With Everlast pro style MMA training gloves, you have a superior product that feels like the ones that you use for the actual fight. They are made by a leading glove manufacturer, who puts a lot of research and development into the design of the gloves, as you shall soon see. The gloves can absorb shock adequately, due to the dense packing of foam at the front. They also have a special locking feature which ensures that your fist is properly formed within the glove. This is a glove that will improve your form and style, when you train with it.

The Everlast Pro Style MMA Training Gloves

These are professional training gloves that actually improve your efficiency and performance. They have a special design which allows you to create a natural fist, which in turn improves the way that you deliver your punches. The special foam added at the front makes it great for absorbing the shock of training blows, especially on the bag. The extra padding that runs from the fist to wrist and thumb ensures better punching technique. The ThumLok feature ensures that your hands are safer. They come with either lace-up or hook & loop straps.

Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves

Everlast Pro Style MMA Grappling Gloves

Everlast Pink Women's Pro Style Grappling Training Glove

Everlast Pink Womens Pro Style Grappling Training Glove

A Better Look at Everlast Pro Style MMA Training Gloves

In order to understand these gloves better you should know about some of its special features:

Weight and Distribution

Most people use the 14oz, which will seem larger than other gloves of the same category. The finger compartment seems to be shortened when compared to other gloves. The distribution of the padding is evenly spread all over the glove, and shields the wrist more than other gloves do. This provides wrist support and helps in blocking. This padding and strength also improves the punching technique.

Design and color

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast pro style MMA training gloves have a style that stands out. They have a “shield” section located at the back of the wrist. They come is colors that surely stand out in the gym. The design is fantastic and these are good for people who really want to be noticed in the gym. The graphics on the gloves are great and show that someone put a lot of thought into designing these gloves.

These gloves are made of synthetic leather, which has a nice smooth feel when touched. When the gloves are new, the inside can be a bit stiff, but softens up with use; best to use hand wraps when the glove is stiff. The gloves come with a mesh palm, which allows the hands to breathe better. The inner part of the glove is smooth and does not irritate the skin. There is very little Velcro on the glove, although this is unusually strong.


Everlast pro style MMA training gloves have a neat craftsmanship when it comes to stitching. However, at the ends of these stitches, you may notice some frays, which should have been cleaned up better. The leather has been drawn tightly around the glove, but when it comes to the curved areas, you will notice some crumpling. The material on the inner part of the glove may feel loose, and this may irritate some pros. However, once the fingers are wiggled around a bit, they fit in quite well.

Comfort and use

The Everlast pro style MMA training gloves have a great fit. They do seem to be fairly tight, even to someone with fairly average hands; this may be an issue for people who have large hands. Since the gloves do not have a full wrap around Velcro system, they may feel a bit odd when you first put them on. However, even with the small amount of Velcro, they do have an elastic part which runs around the whole glove. This ensures that the gloves fit well, and there is no danger of them coming loose.

The padding on these gloves is basic to say the least. One should not use these for sparring since they will offer less protection for the opponent. Being training gloves, they are best suited to do just that – train. They mesh palm ensures that hands do not get sweaty and they are cool at all times. They have a great grip which allows you to form a good fist.

The shield section of Everlast pro style MMA training gloves is the best feature. There is much more support around the wrist, which is something great for novices. This support provides protection around the wrist to ensure that it does not bend unnaturally when a punch is delivered wrongly. When starting out in MMA, beginners will punch with bad form, and these gloves provide a great way of protecting them.

What others say

After going through the Internet, I have found a user review that is quite useful. You can read it at this link.

Alternative MMA Training Gloves

RevGear MMA Training Gloves

RevGear MMA Training Gloves

These are made of tough, long-lasting leather, and the design is such that it specifically provides protection for the knuckle area. These training gloves also have a special RAM Force padding technology over the punching area. It also provides protection for the side thumb position, allowing the formation of a natural fist. When in the open palm position, this glove can be used for grappling and also stand up training; the design is light and does not tire the hands. The gloves can be a bit stiff when they are new, but they are good after breaking them in.

Combat Sports Max Strike MMA Training Gloves

Combat Sports Max Strike MMA Training Gloves

Some people claim that this is the best training glove for MMA. It comes with 2 inches of molded foam padding on the knuckle area, which is the largest and safest in MMA. It has hinged knuckles, which are great for free movement of the fingers. The fit is ergonomic and comfortable. There is great wrist support thanks to the wrap-around wrist strap; this locks down the wrist in the natural punching form. The palms are open, which allows you to grasp your opponent better when sparring. It has a leather striking surface.

Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7-Ounce Striking / Training Gloves

Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7-Ounce Striking / Training Gloves

This is another training glove from Everlast. It comes with an anatomically correct thumb position for comfort and protection. It allows for the natural formation of a good fist. It has durable foam padding. The finger loops are reinforced, and the palm is open. It has a mesh liner which allows for cooling for the palms; you no longer have to sweat in your gloves. The 18 inch hook & loop wrist strap, has a trisect closure, which provides more support for the wrists. This is a great glove for hitting a heavy bag.

In Conclusion

The Everlast Train Advanced MMA 7-Ounce Striking/Training Gloves are the best fit in the above category. You have advanced technology in the design of the glove which allows you to train without feeling the heat in your hands, as well as have the best protection. It provides you with the ability to strike and grasp youropponent even when training. The Everlast Gloves are ideal for you.