Century Bob XL Review: Your Ultimate Sparring Partner

Century Bob XL Review
This post was updated on: April 1, 2020


There has almost never been a time in my life that I haven't worked two jobs, sometimes three. When I finish working, my body is many times full of tension after the stress from the workday, and I need something to unwind and relax. And I need something physical, not just sitting down and playing video games.

So I could choose to eat, because that is physical, but if I'm stressed that usually means ice cream and donuts rather than a stick of celery. Besides, celery tastes disgusting. Or I could go to the gym. I usually do opt for the latter, and some of my friends do kickboxing and use one, so perhaps I should try this, but what about something better than a basic, mostly shapeless and characterless bag. What about punching something that feels more like a real person? Enter Century Bob XL! Please keep reading this Century Bob XL Review to see whether it's right for you!

Things To Consider Before Buying A Century BOB XL

So you want to relieve stress through some exercise, and specifically the cathartic kind like letting out stress through aggressive physical activity. The right person for the Century BOB is going to be someone that wants to be healthy and fit and possibly use the BOB for workouts. They might also want to get rid of tension from their high-paced life at work or home. The wrong person for this product is someone who would rather veg out in front of the T.V. In this case you should probably buy ice cream, or maybe even chicken nuggets.

Before buying the product you will want to think through several things:

1. If you mind having a giant personified dummy somewhere in your house. And if this idea sounds a bit creepy to you, you might want to think about where to store it, such as not right by your bedside, but maybe downstairs in your basement with some dumb bells.

2. Think about the type of physical exercise you enjoy to relieve stress. I personally think this product is a great idea because it's not just jogging, which will help your body and brain, but it also takes the energy of stress and converts it into a more peaceful state of mind as you take it all out on BOB.

3. You will want to consider if making physical fitness is a priority. It is good exercise, and it will burn energy. But you will see a good level of fitness and cardio levels as a result of the product.

What Is Century BOB XL And Who Is It For?

Big Bob XL Century

"Century Bob," or the Century Body Opponent Bag, is a heavy bag that is in the regular and Century Bob XL versions for striking and kicking. It is a freestanding bag that is designed with a muscular human-shaped torso with a head and firm, determined facial expression. In this case, with the XL version, it is new and improved because it also extends down to the lower thighs. This addition makes it one of the biggest body punching bags on the market.

The reason the BOBs are popular is that they give as close to a real-life training experience as you can get outside of fighting a real person, but if you don't want that experience then another more shapeless bag might be more for you. Also if you want to sit at home on the couch then you probably won't exercise and make use of the BOB even if you have it in your house.

Things We Liked

  • Most lifelike when compared to any other bag.
  • Comes with lower dimensions adding thighs for lower kicks practice.
  • This model is more stable than the previous one.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The material on the surface is not smooth and therefore you might hurt your hands when hitting it.
  • You should wear gloves when striking to avoid injury.
  • You might feel uncomfortable hitting something so lifelike.

Features and Benefits

Now let's describe some of the components of the BOB XL and what you will gain from the bag, which in total add up to a better, more versatile and exact hit bag for you:

Realistic: This opponent bag's longer torso combined with its weight of 270 pounds and stability makes it seem even more like you're hitting a real person. Also the thighs add a dimension for those wanting to practice kickboxing with low kicks. It is the most realistic in that it is the most like striking a real person than any bag predecessor and you can aim for real body parts such as the head, ribcage, stomach and the neck area. This is different from most bags in that it is personified and not just a bag-shaped design that has no form or distinction, particularly a human one.

Multi-purpose: The BOB XL is designed for professional martial artists looking to improve their skills to people trying to learn self-defense, and also for aerobic fitness and stress relief like I need from high-paced jobs. It really is for athletes who are excelling in the sport or people who are just starting out. And you will also reap the benefits of a fitter self and build more skills that can be practical for saving your life in the process. So the bag is versatile for many different uses.

Stable and Storable: It stands between 5'6" to 6" tall depending on the height adjustment you set it to, which makes it even more like a real person. The original BOB is slightly less stable with screws at the base that come loose after a certain number of kicks and strikes, but the BOB XL has a base made of polyethylene plastic, and the base can be filled with sand or water to keep it positioned well and keep it stable. Also the base is rounded so it is easy to turn and roll over to move it and store it once you are done with your workout.

See the rounded base in this image of the BOB XL :

Bob XL

So this fillable base plus the weight of the bag makes it more stable. However the screws on this one might still come loose, so it is recommended that you tighten them before use.

Don't use the Back and Mind the Head: Make sure not to hit or kick the back area where the screws are as there is no padding there and is too hard to hit. Also BOB's head is much less tough than the body because the plastic base only reaches the upper torso part of the bag, so take care when making shots at the facial features. So the main components you can work with are the front of the body from the chest down and the different body sections of the torso, groin and thigh areas.

High-Quality and Realistic Material with Extension: The bag is made from plastisol with dense foam on the inside, which makes it feel like you are hitting someone in real life. And the XL version of the bag allows for low kicks and hits and you won't need to worry about catching your foot on the side of the bag as the first one ends at the bottom of the torso. With the upper part of the torso you can still implement the higher hits and kicks with the original version of the bag. This also allows for more exercise overall. So if you are thinking of getting something that you can work out with as much as you want, to help you get rid of that stress in a healthy way while avoiding donuts and extra carbs this might be your best bet.

Targeting your Hits: One of the best features about the body frame of the BOB XL is that you can implement targeted strikes. On a shapeless bag you can't aim for body parts, but with the BOB XL you can aim for different areas, such as the spleen, thighs, collar bone, stomach and other places. Even if you are practicing with a live person you won't be able to do some of these strikes, at least not with any power as you will injure the other person or knock them unconscious. You can also practice multiple cuts and kicks to different areas in sequence, such as an upper cut and then a kick. Again, adjust the height to practice on different sizes of persons. You can also put clothes on BOB to make him more like a real person and practice hits and kicks with the covering.

Here is a video link showing the BOB XL and the benefits we've described here:

Social Proof

I have scoured the internet thoroughly and have found user reviews and videos that are pretty positive about the BOB XL. One of the best commented that the body material was very realistic and pliable, and also had good durability, not breaking down after repeated hits and kicks. This person also found that they could hit the bag repeatedly without gloves and not hurt their hands.

You can find several reviews for the BOB XL here.


If you are looking for a product other than the BOB, you might want to check these out:

1. Terry Torso Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts Punch Bag

Terry Torso Boxing Martial Punch

This bag is slightly cheaper than the BOB and also has a wider base for more stability and you might want to check out this product to compare. Comparison of features includes:

Terry Torso:

  • Wider base for more stability for the bag while kicking and striking.
  • Cheaper price.
  • Removable foam protector included for added protection in the mid-section of the bag.


  • Sometimes the base's screws can come loose, making the base somewhat unstable.
  • More expensive, but also a quality product.
  • No foam protector, but entire inside is made of a dense foam that feels lifelike.

2. Bobby-Bob Children's Standboxdummy Bully

Bobby Bob Childrens Standboxdummy

This bag is also a bit cheaper than the BOB and is a version also suitable for children and teenagers. Look for this bag if you are looking to get one for your youngsters.


  • Suitable for children and teenagers.
  • Shorter height for smaller peoples' sizes.
  • Comes in multi-color preferences.


  • Suitable only for adults.
  • Much taller model to be used not for children or teens.
  • More expensive than the kids' version.

3. Gallant 5ft Free Standing Punch Bag Boxing Stand Kick Martial Arts Training Gym

Gallant Standing Training Adjustable Skipping

This one is different from the BOB in that, well, it doesn't look like a person. But then again, maybe there is a small part of you that wants exercise without the added creep factor that you really really feel like you're hitting and kicking someone. Look at this design to see if it suits you. It's also better on the pocketbook.


  • One word. Well, two: MUCH CHEAPER.
  • Colored, numbered combination for strike placement specific hits and kicks.
  • Alternatively finished with leather exterior.
  • Comes with a complimentary jumprope.
  • No creep factor, the feeling that you are hitting a real person when you just want to exercise and relieve stress.


  • No color on the body or exterior.
  • Finished with a rougher material that might be harder on the hands.
  • No jumprope.
  • Much pricier.


So we have covered that for me, and I'm sure for many others, there is a need to relieve stress, and striking with kickboxing on a real, lifelike target such as the BOB XL is perhaps the winning product, and the best on the market because of its humanness. I hope that this Century Bob XL Review was able to uncover that.

Some might think there are psychological issues for any wanting to do this, but psychological studies have shown that through aggressive exercise, catharsis happens. This means that when stress is relieved through aggression in a controlled form, even toward other human beings, or in this case a pseudo-human being, stress will be relieved and there is much less likelihood that aggression toward others will come out in inappropriate ways toward others. This is the case often through contact sports such as football and rugby.

So the Century BOB XL could be just the humanoid ticket to relieving my stress and getting my aggression out in healthy ways. Could it be possible that BOB can relieve stress and do a great job at it? Let's review this product and find out.

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