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Reviews of the Best Muay Thai / MMA Shin Guards

Best Muay Thai MMA Shin Guards Reviews

IntroductionWhen practicing mixed martial arts and muaythai, which are both disciplines that rely heavily on kicking, it’s a great idea to have some protection for your shins. When sparring, no one wants to expose themselves to the terrible calamity that happened to Anderson Silva during his match against Chris Weldman, so protecting your shins is […]

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Best Boxing Hand Wraps Reviewed: Protect Your Money Makers

Best Boxing Hand Wraps Reviews

All athletes know that winning is the result of the correct combination of training and performance. However, during both of these times it is highly possible to become injured and it’s always important to make sure you take as many precautions as possible to avoid injuries. Injuries you sustain now will not only keep you […]

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The Best Boxing Gloves for Women Reviewed

Best Boxing Gloves for Women

From a novice’s point-of-view, boxing gloves all look the same, but this is not so. There are training gloves, sparring gloves, and the actual gloves that are used in fights. The brands too can be confusing, with each claiming to be better than the competition. Boxers, especially women, have reasons why they choose the brands […]

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Best UFC Punching Bags Reviewed by a MMA Fighter

Best UFC Punching Bag Reviews

Whether you’re a boxer, Muay Thai fighter or pride yourself in the various disciplines of Mixed Martial Arts, a punching bag is an essential piece of equipment in any respected gym, allowing you to work on your combinations, footwork and timing. But what makes one stand out from the other? To the untrained eye, it […]

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