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MMA vs UFC: What Is the Difference?

MMA vs UFC-What Is the Difference

Whether you watch MMA or UFC, or neither, chances are you’ve heard of one or the other. Although they are quite different, it can be confusing to distinguish them, especially if you are new to combat sports. Almost always, when people talk about MMA, they’re talking about the UFC. However, just as when talking about […]

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Karate Vs Kung Fu: The Ultimate Comparison

Karate Vs Kung Fu-The Ultimate Comparison

Kung Fu and Karate may seem interchangeable to those who do not practice martial arts. However, these two martial arts are radically different, from their origins to their philosophies. Watching someone do martial arts, the untrained eye will find it difficult to tell whether that person is doing karate or kung fu. People who are […]

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Muay Thai vs Kickboxing: What Is The Difference?

Muay Thai vs Kickboxing-What Is The Difference

Muay Thai and Kickboxing are two martial arts that have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. On the surface, many think these disciplines are the same. It is true that there are MMA fighters who represent both kickboxing and Muay Thai as part of their striking training, and a lot of the techniques […]

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Muay Thai vs BJJ: Which One Is Better?

Muay Thai vs BJJ-Which One Is Better

Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) both play an important role in mixed martial arts. People are learning and comparing these two arts because of this reason. Many people wonder, “Which one will win in the comparison of Muay Thai vs BJJ?” Muay-Thai and BJJ are two different types of martial arts; Muay-Thai is mostly […]

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