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Karate vs MMA: The Ultimate Comparision

Karate vs MMA_ The Ultimate Comparision

Many forms of martial arts have fundamental similarities. They sharpen the mind, strengthen the body, and teach respect, perseverance, self-discipline, and devotion, among many other disciplines. They can also help you in real-life threatening situations, minimizing the risk to you and the people you are protecting. Beyond that, however, each discipline begins to go its […]

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Boxing vs MMA: Which Style is More Dominant?

Boxing vs MMA Which Style is More Dominant

It seems the (well…let’s call this a) rivalry between MMA and boxing has been going on forever. When MMA began getting more exposure and getting more and more fans, boxing fans and experts began freaking out. Boxing experts began saying that MMA was too brutal, they compared it to human cockfighting and said that MMA […]

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