Best UFC Punching Bags Reviewed by a MMA Fighter

Best UFC Punching Bag Reviews
This post was updated on: October 1, 2021

Whether you’re a boxer, Muay Thai fighter or pride yourself in the various disciplines of Mixed Martial Arts, a punching bag is an essential piece of equipment in any respected gym, allowing you to work on your combinations, footwork and timing. But what makes one stand out from the other? To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to decide upon the best UFC punching bags, but there are some key features that you can look out for.

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How do I distinguish between good and bad quality punching bags?

When deciding upon a Punching Bag, it can be so easy to focus on the cost of the bag, rather than the quality. But what determines good quality? It is generally fairly easy to spot a decent bag when it is in front of you; however, with today’s digital technologies and modern marketing, you can’t always be sure that the bag will match your expectations when it arrives on the doorstep.

The first feature you should look into is the brand of the product. Although brand shouldn’t be the final deciding factor, it can often be a good indicator to the quality of the materials used; a brand with a good track record of producing high quality bags is likely to continue doing so. Likewise, a more obscure brand of products will not necessarily have the same guarantee of quality.

The covering of the punching bag is the next quality assurance check that you should consider. Generally, you will find three materials on the market to choose from: leather, vinyl and canvas. If you are looking for a product to last through the years and you have a higher budget, I would select leather as my first choice. I’ve found its durability to be unparalleled and, if taken care of, should last a very long time.

If your budget is slightly tighter, I have found vinyl to be a great, cost effective alternative. At a fraction of the cost of leather, it offers strong durability whilst providing you with a realistic feeling, each time your punches or kicks connect.

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Should I go for a freestanding or hanging punching bag?

Another consideration to make when selecting a punching bag is whether to go for a freestanding or hanging bag. There are pros and cons to both, as I will outline below.


Fairly new to the boxing gym, the freestanding punching bag provides a great alternative to the classic, hanging bag, found in most mma gyms. One immediate benefit of such a bag would be the ability to easily move and store it after use. There is also no need for wall hangings and hooks, which can often take up large areas of space. It would generally contain a weighted base, filled with sand or water, which offers stability and reduces the overall movement of the bag. That being said, I have occasionally found them to be too rigid, not offering the movement of a hanging punching bag which mimics the movements of an opponent more closely.

The freestanding human target is another modern creation which works in much the same way. For some, it could be beneficial as it allows for training accuracy on what closely resembles the human form. I have found, however, that constant uppercuts and shots to the chin can result in rips and tears, due to it primarily consisting of rubber and plastics.

My own view is that the freestanding punching bags are a great alternative if you have a limitation of space, however it does not seem to add anything to your workout that the hanging punching bag cannot.


The hanging heavy bag is a proven classic, demonstrated by its presence in almost every martial arts gym for many years. It is a classic for a reason. Whether you want to train your boxing skills, or all round kicks and strikes, the heavy bag should cater for each of your needs. Coordination and movement, essential in mma, is promoted through the continuous movement of the bag which, in turn, gets you moving. It can, therefore, develop balance and strengthen those core muscles. Regular workouts using a punching bag also promote weight loss, keeping you in great shape. In fact, a study conducted by Harvard Medical School suggests that your body can burn up to 400 calories in 30 minutes, depending on your weight. Many experts in the field of martial arts argue that a hanging punching bag offers a workout and promotes a sound technique that just can’t be matched by free standing punching bags.

What weight punching bag should I go for?

Many buyers are often unsure of which weight of punching bag to go for. Which weight suits your workout and training needs? As previously mentioned, the movement of bags can be extremely beneficial to mimic the movement of a real life opponent, fine tuning your balance and coordination. If these are the attributes you are attempting to improve, a lighter punching bag is probably the one for you. However, the punching bag can also develop the power of your kicks and punches, when used appropriately. For this, something a little heavier is probably required. Generally, the rule of thumb is that a punching bag should be about half of the user’s weight, although you can amend this accordingly, depending on your needs.

How do I use a punching bag correctly?

There is no doubt that the best UFC punching bags are great pieces of equipment, but only if used correctly. Beginners often make mistakes when they start to incorporate the punching bag into their routines, so these are some things you should consider:

  • Keep your hand in one line with the rest of your arm, your wrist as straight as possible, and aim to connect with the bag using your middle knuckles.
  • Target towards the front of the bag with hooks, rather than the middle. This will simulate the accuracy required to make contact with the chin.
  • Throw kicks and punches at different ranges from the bag. An opponent doesn’t stand still and neither should you.
  • Keep your hands up! Visualize an opponent in front of you at all times to prevent picking up bad habits.

What to consider when purchasing a punching bag:

Top 5 UFC Punching Bags

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag

On the slightly higher end of the budget, the Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag is the name that always seems to come up in the world of freestanding punching bags. It is an extra-large size, standing at 69 inches tall with a diameter of 18 inches. This is great as it allows the user to train kicks and punches high, low and to the mid-section. This is particularly effective as the base, filled with sand or water, reduces floor movement which is useful if it is used in a location of limited space. The base’s low profile also means you can use the full 360° circumference of the bag.

The Wavemaster’s cover is made of vinyl which, as discussed, is a good, strong alternative for leather that will last well. The high density foam filling is durable, whilst cushioning punches well.

If used on mats, the Wavemaster does tend to move around a little bit more than some might like and constant punishment can occasionally loosen the bag, but this can be rectified with a quick twist. The bag itself also doesn’t move a huge amount so does not necessarily mimic the movement or oncoming strikes of an opponent that you will find with some other punching bags.

Things We Liked

  • Extra-large size to allow practice striking at different heights.
  • Durable cover with soft, high impact filling.
  • Easy to use from all angles.
  • Takes up very little space.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Moves around quite a lot when striking.
  • Bag tends to loosen from the base during use.
  • Doesn’t swing at all, but remains rather rigid.
  • Movement can make the bag rather noisy to use.

Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

Another alternative in the freestanding, punching bag range is the BOB Body Opponent Training Bag, by Century. It is in the shape of a human head and torso, which is really useful for those who like to visualize a human opponent in front of them. It allows for the training of strike accuracy to particular parts of the body in a way that a standard bag shape cannot.

It has a high density, foam interior that can really absorb some powerful blows and when the base is filled, it remains fairly stable. For those heavy hitters out there, however, it may move around a little too much due to all the weight being positioned at the bottom. This could promote more movement in your training though if space isn’t a limiting factor.

From personal experience, the BOB can be a really useful piece of equipment, but continuous strikes to one area, particularly to the chin, can cause visible damage, even loosening the head from the torso in some cases.

Things We Liked

  • Great to target particular body sections.
  • Takes up very little space.
  • Adjustable height to practice fighting against opponents of various heights.
  • Foam interior reduces the risk of injuries.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The base moves around quite a lot, particularly if filled with water.
  • Quality of the punching bag can deteriorate significantly with use.
  • Remains rather rigid and fixed in place.

Ringside Leather 65 lb. Heavy Bag - Filled

Ringside Leather 65 lb. Heavy Bag - Filled

As one of the mid-priced best UFC punching bags, this Ringside product has a leather cover which is great for the price and really should last a long time. It is a bag suitable for slightly lighter users, with less powerful strikes, as it is a lighter bag than some of the other choices on the list. If more powerful strikes are used, however, there is a D-Ring on the bottom of the bag that can be used to secure it in place. Another great feature for this punching bag is the 1 inch of foam liner, surrounding the sides and top of the bag. This really allows any user to work on their full range of strikes without fear of injury, making it particularly useful for mixed martial artists.

As far as value for money and quality are concerned, this should be a punching bag that would benefit any user’s workout. However, keep in mind that it is a lighter bag that will move around significantly more with heavy strikes.

Things We Liked

  • Durable, leather cover with strong stitching that really stands up to punishment.
  • D-ring can secure the bag more tightly.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Can be a bit too light so swings quite a lot with power punches.

Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled

Outslayer Boxing MMA 100lbs Heavy Bag Filled

On the slightly lower end of the budget, the Outslayer, 100Ib heavy bagconsistently has positive ratings. It comes filled and the high weight allows the user to really practice those power strikes without the fear of getting too much swing. This is great for heavier users, with more powerful strikes. The bag hangs at 55 inches which allows enough surface to really practice a range of strikes, high or low, with a durable surface that should stand up to punishment.

One feature that really seems to make this choice stand out is the even distribution of the bag’s weight. Quite often, after excessive use, the filling of a bag sinks to the bottom which creates hard spots and a sagging look. This product, however, seems to have overcome this issue. This should allow you to use this punching bag for years to come, without many problems.

The quality of this bagis something I haven’t often come across at such a reasonable price and, with the 10 year warranty included, it is a punching bag that I would definitely keep in my collection.

Things We Liked

  • Heavy weight for powerful strikers.
  • Evenly distributed, cloth filling.
  • Comes with a 10 year warranty.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Refillable.
  • Customizable D-ring can be added at no extra cost.
  • Comes with a vinyl storage bag to keep it looking brand new.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Could be a little too firm for some users, meaning some filling might have to be removed.

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

Everlast has been a well-known brand in the world of boxing for many years. This 70Ib heavy bag is made from synthetic leather with reinforced webbing to reduce the chance of scuffs and tears. This is especially important as I have found many of the lower priced bags tend to deteriorate, even with limited use. The nylon straps are fixed to the bag and the adjustable chain allows the user to adapt the hanging height to make it an appropriate choice for a person of any height. As the bag should generally be half the weight of the user, this is more designed for those around the 140Ib mark, as it might begin to move too much if a harder hitter attempts to train, but it could still be an appropriate choice if you are training techniques, rather than power.

The filler is made from a composition of fabrics which absorbs the shock of strikes and prevents you from getting injured while training. This should be longer lasting than those bags filled with sand which occasionally have a tendency to harden over time.

Things We Liked

  • Made from resilient synthetic leather.
  • Fabric filling absorbs the shock of strikes, allowing the user to throw kicks, knees, punches and elbows.
  • Large enough to practice strikes to the head, body and legs.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The surface of the bag is fairly abrasive and can damage your skin if gloves aren’t worn.
  • The hanging clips lack strength and can break when adjusting the bag height.


Your ultimate goal is finding a punching bag that meets your personal needs and requirements. This may differ from person to person, however for a bag that offers high quality, a good weight and at a very reasonable price, my top pick would have to be the Outslayer 100Ib heavy bag. Even after excessive use, this heavy bag remains in good condition, more so than some of the other, non-leather punching bags. The movement of the bag is great for training as it more closely resembles the movement of opponents which is something that tends to be lost with the free-standing choices. Although all of the bags are good choices, catering for a variety of needs, Outslayer clinches it with their attention to detail. Allowing the buyer to customize the colors and offering a 10 year warranty really shows the confidence and care they have for their products; it sets them apart from similar bags in the same price range and even some of those more expensive choices.