The 10 Best Ninja Weapons of 2021 (Reviewed)

This post was updated on: January 1, 2021

After reviewing over 50 products, our team of experts has carefully selected the 10 best ninja weapons based on their design, construction, and purpose.

If you are a fan of Naruto or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, you’d already know that ninjas were indeed real. They were a mercenary in feudal Japan who learned ninjutsu skills. They would often use these skills to sneak, rob, or even kill.

Such intricate skills required powerful weapons like nunchaku, katana, knives, star-shaped discs, etc. Maybe ninjas do not exist today (or, do they?), such best ninja weapons are fairly used or collected by people for self-defense or martial art practices.

The 10 Best Ninja Weapons of 2021

If you are into martial arts and hope to have ninja-like skills someday, you will most definitely need the right gears. You might not have the time or correct knowledge to select the most competent one for yourself. So we have made the following list of the 10 best ninja weapons for your convenience.

1. Hero’s Edge Japanese Ninja Katana

The widely popular and apparently, a ninja’s favorite weapon is a katana. The one by Hero’s Edge holds the capability of being your favorite one too! It will maintain its form in sparring sessions or combat fights due to its sturdy construction.

Best Ninja Weapons


The inner core is made up of fiberglass, and plastic is inserted beneath the foam. Hence, it is difficult for the blade to break off in the middle of a swordfight. As it consists of foam rubber, it is safe to use.

This ninjutsu weaponry is large in size and looks great when worn with a costume. The blade and handle have a generous amount of thickness. But it isn’t very heavy to yield.

The design might look flimsy at one glance, but on a closure look, you can see its minute details and sturdiness. This makes it a great ninja weapon for martial art practice and also works well as a prop.

Things We Liked

  • The foam covering avoids causing any bruises.
  • The handle allows a firm grip.
  • The construction makes it durable.
  • The blade tip doesn’t break off.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some people find it too thick.

2. BLUEGOBY Blowgun

Blowguns are also popularly known as fukiya. It is meant for the ninja practitioners to survive in the wild surroundings. The BLUEGOBY blowgun consists of lightweight aluminum construction. Such a build makes it a weapon and not something to toy around with.



It comes with three camo pattern options with a fine finish that is applied through water transfer hydro-graphics. The main benefit of this blowgun is that it comes with all the necessary accessories. You will not be required to go for any individual purchases. This makes it worth the money.

It arrives with a tactical peep sight, thumper quiver, stunner quiver, spike quiver, bamboo quiver, side quiver, two dart guards with one foam grip, and a mouthpiece. You also get 60 darts with the package, making it an all-in-one ninja weapon.

Things We Liked

  • The blowgun has a stable construction.
  • It comes with all the required accessories.
  • The varied camo patterns enhance the design.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is slightly expensive.

3. Beyck Nunchuck

Nunchucks are broadly used in various martial art forms. It is essential to choose a safe and durable option, giving the upper hand to Beyck Nunchaku. Its soft padded foam and lightweight material make it an ideal choice as a powerful ninja weapon.

Beyck Nunchuck


Its 360-degree welding treatment chain does not show any sign of breaking, even under intense pressure. The handles have a firm grip, which makes them easier to handle. When it comes to its construction, the sponge core sticks have a bountiful layer of foam padding. This makes it highly durable and long-lasting.

This weapon allows you to push your limits with its detachable tail. You can add extra weights to the sticks, making it tougher for you to handle and practice with them. This further brushes up your skills, making you ready for any instant combat.

As they have enough amount of padding and solid grip handles, you wouldn’t necessarily have to worry about hurting yourself or others. As this option is relatively cheaper as well as immensely effective, you ought to inculcate this in your ninja weapons list.

Things We Liked

  • The weight in the handles is customizable.
  • It is an economical purchase.
  • The stainless steel chain carries no chance of snapping.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is heavy, even without the added weights.

4. Avenger Self Healing Foam Blowgun Target

You will be needing a foam target for practicing your blowgun, and nothing is better than the Avenger blowgun target. The 2″ thick target carries the ability to endure the strongest darts without losing its shape.

Avenger Self Healing Foam Blowgun Target


Its foam is self-healing in nature, eliminating the probability of working with a loosely-shaped target. It works well with all kinds of darts, even with the ones with soft ends. It doesn’t cause any damage to the tips.

It is lightweight and portable. You can hang it anywhere convenient and practice your target skills. It is a little smaller in size, but this helps you push your boundaries and master the accuracy of this weapon. It also a bit to the expensive side, but it is a worthy purchase.

Things We Liked

  • The thickness prevents any damages to the walls.
  • The self-healing foam disguises the holes.
  • It works well with a .40 caliber blowgun.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is expensive.
  • The diameter is small.

5. Shinobi and .com Throwing Knives

A kunai or throwing knife is one of the most basic equipment in a ninja weapons list. It’s a multi-functional tool that works flawlessly for targeting from a distance. If you wish to include this weapon in your collection, you must go for the Shinobi throwing knives.

Shinobi and .com Throwing Knives


It comes in a set of 12 pieces, with a fixed blade. The blade is 440 stainless steel, making it less susceptible to ulterior damage. This makes it a sturdy and durable option.

They are available in two colors: red and blue. This makes it easier for you to color-coordinate with others. The handle stays put and makes it easier to carry and throw. The blades are sharp, making it highly advantageous for advanced martial art practitioners.

You can slide your fingers in the holes provided in the handles. This makes it easier for you to use it when it situation strikes. However, the cords on the handles aren’t the most durable thing you’ll see in the market.

Things We Liked

  • It comes in a set of 12 pieces.
  • The blades are sharp and durable.
  • The weight of the knives is ideal.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They’re not highly recommended for beginners.
  • The ropes on the handles wear off easily.

6. Ace Martial Arts Katana Tanto Blade

The ninja machete or tanto blade by Ace Martial Arts is a full tang katana. The blade is made up of 440 stainless steel with a two-tone finish. The 27″ weapon makes it highly intimidating and useful in combat training sessions.

Ace Martial Arts Katana Tanto Blade


The handle has a black nylon cord wrapping for a comfortable grip. There is precision seen in the construction, which is a rare sight in this price range.

The blade could use a little sharpening, but it works well against plastic, paper, and even wood. It also comes with 2 stainless steel throwing knives and a nylon bag for storage. Overall, this is a good buy given the economical cost.

Things We Liked

  • The blades have a good finishing.
  • The handles are durable and offer a firm grip.
  • The price is cheap.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The sheath is not durable.
  • The blade is prone to stains.

7. Snake Eye Tactical Ninja Sword

A cool ninja sword is a must-have for every martial art practitioner. The Snake Eye Tactical has all the relevant characteristics that are necessary to bring your skills to perfection. It is constructed with high-quality stainless steel, making its durability unquestionable.

Snake Eye Tactical Ninja Sword


The handle has a corded grip for a hassle-free and firm control. This makes it a great combat knife. The blade has a durable black coating, giving it a more polished look. It is also extremely sharp, so be cautious during your practice sessions.

For more added advantages, it comes with a set of kunai knife set and a sheath. The sheath fits easily on the blade and makes it safer to carry around. However, the blade doesn’t hold well against tough surfaces like bamboo or wood. You might end up with a bent tip.

Things We Liked

  • The black coating makes the blade recognizable.
  • The handle has a good grip and doesn’t slide off.
  • It comes in a variety of colors.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It can’t be used on wood.
  • The sheath starts fraying after a few months.

8. Venom Blowguns

The Venum blowguns consist of a lightweight aircraft quality with seamless tubing. It will certainly not look like a regular blowgun due to its black finish.

Venom Blowguns


It consists of a .40 caliber blowgun with a tactical peep sight, foam grip, dart quivers, mouthguard, and muzzle guard. You get 12 needle-sharp darts and 8 super stun guards. These darts are made of steel with a plastic piece for a better flight.

The mouthpiece has anti-inhale properties, making it easier for you to get a hold of this ninja weapon. This is an efficient option if you want to practice your target skills and attain accuracy.

Things We Liked

  • The darts are sturdy and do not bend.
  • The attachments make the process easier.
  • It is lightweight.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The diameter of the darts is inaccurate.
  • It is high-priced.

9. Cold Steel Spear with Sheath

A few of the real ninja weapons are widely used for hunting. If you’re gearing up for the next hunting season, you must opt for the Cold Steel spear. It has a three-piece construction- a long steel socket, shaft, and head. These are carefully welded together to make a sturdy spear.

Cold Steel Spear with Sheath


It has a deep cut with a hand-polish finishing. The point has an iris leaf design, making it ideal for a thorough cutting. As the steel blade is fully sharpened, you can use it to your maximum potential. It also comes with a sheath for easy and safe storage.

However, you will have to purchase a handle separately as it doesn’t come along with this product. Do take extra precautions if you have no prior experience with a spear. The blade is extremely sharp and can easily cause any injury.

Things We Liked

  • The spear has a realistic design.
  • The blade is sharp enough for hunting.
  • The construction is durable.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with a handle.
  • The blade sits too tightly in the sheath.

10. Samurai Market Throwing Stars

A shuriken is one of the most enticing ninja weapons as they are highly unusual and offbeat. If you wish to ace its use, you can go for the Samurai market throwing stars. Hard rubber is used in its construction, making it a safe and durable investment.

Samurai Market Throwing Stars


You can utilize them with a foam board target to practice and enhance your throwing skills. As they are not made with metal, you do not have to worry about hurting yourself or others. Nonetheless, we advise you to stay cautious until you are getting better at the game.

They come in a pack of five, making it a rather economical purchase. However, due to its rubber structure, it can only work on a foam surface and not wood.

Things We Liked

  • They are sturdy and durable.
  • The tips do not bend even after frequent use.
  • The rubber material makes it a safe option.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They will not stick to wooden target surfaces.
  • They are a little heavy.

What are Ninja Weapons

In Japanese, “nin” means conceal, and “Ja” means person. So the word ninja is referred to somebody who tends to move silently while remaining in a hidden position. In the 15th century, ninjas were said to exist in real life, practicing ninjutsu.

The modern ninja theories are based on their capabilities like walking on water, invisibility, etc. Even if we ignore that factor, there are several ninja weapons available in the present times. Such weapons not only feel authentic but are also a great tool for self-defense and hunting.

Types of Ninja Weapons

There is a long list of ninja weapons, varying according to their design and uses. The following are some of the most popular ones that have enticed all the martial art enthusiasts:

1. Ninja Sword (Ninjato)

The ninjato, which is also known as shinobigatana, was one of the most favored weapons. Its blade is mainly flat, and its sheath can also be used for distracting the enemies. Its construction is similar to katana. It has been used in several Hollywood movies.

2. Katana

A katana has always been a ninja’s favorite weapon. It was always carried on the back. Besides combat, its sheath was also used as a long probing device. It is typically longer than ninjato and used for cutting and stabbing in martial art training.

3. Nunchaku

A nunchaku was originally used for cutting rice. But gradually, it became a worthy self-defense weapon. It requires good hand movement skills and agility.

4. Shuriken

Shuriken or star-shaped blades are popular ninja weapons due to their innovative design and usability. They are also known as throwing stars. They are generally easy to carry but difficult to master.

5. Blowgun

This is a traditional weapon, originally being used for hunting and killing birds. It is a long pipe with a projectile kept inside. It needs to be blown from the mouth to attack the enemies. In ancient times, poisonous darts were being used to kill opponents.

6. Tanto Blade

Tanto blade is a Japanese dagger that is short in size but very sharp. It was mostly used by ninjas to dig holes or throw at the opponent.

7. Throwing Knives

Throwing knives are an important accessory and weapon in martial art training. It is highly effective for self-defense for confusing or distracting the enemy.

Benefits of Ninja Weapons

Ninja movies have highly influenced generations and have greatly increased the demand for ninja weapons. Here are some of its main advantages:

1. Self-defense

Ninja weapons are some of the most unconventional methods of self-defense. With the increasing crime rate, it is best to keep your guard up at all times. As ninja weapons have an intimidating design, it is enough to drive the perpetrator away. They can also make you feel comfortable and safe.

However, it is necessary to use them wisely as they can easily cause fatal injuries in the absence of proper use.

2. Physical Development

Training with ninja weapons builds confidence and physical fitness. It helps in improving stability and coordination. Learning some of the best martial art skills with weapons can strengthen your agility and endurance.

3. Hunting Skills

If you like hunting or have a passion for it, ninja weapons can help you strike your target from a safe distance. You can also protect yourself from a wild animal with such modern ninja weapons and gears.

4. Hand-Eye Coordination

While training with ninja weapons, you learn how to coordination your hands along with the footwork. Moreover, it also helps in the upper body movements, correcting and enhancing your hand-eye coordination.

5. Fun Activity

If you are deeply inspired by ninja movies, you can recreate the same for a fun activity. You can set up a dashboard and practice your skills with throwing knives or star blades. This will allow you to live your ninja dream!

6. Collections

As ninja weapons have a deep ancient connection, they make up a fine collection. If you are an item collector, you should definitely have your eyes on such weaponry.

How to Choose the Perfect Ninja Weapon

It can be an overwhelming task to select the best ninja weapons, especially if you have no prior knowledge. To make things easier for you, we have segregated the necessary factors and criteria. This will help you in making a better and informed decision.

1. Construction

The built or structure varies according to the different ninja weapons. When it comes to the throwing knives, katana, or tanto blade, verify that the blade has a stainless steel construction. Such a factor will not only increase the durability of the product but also increase its effectiveness.

2. Handles

The handles of the throwing knives should have a sturdy grip. The texture should be reliable enough so that you do not accidentally lose the hold and injure yourself or others.

3. Edges

The edges of the throwing stars or shuriken should be sharp and not bent. If they bent even with the slightest impact, it will fail to function at its maximum potential.

Along with that, the edges of the swords should also be sharp enough to endure any cutting or striking. You can also sharpen it over time.

4. Comfort

Your preference for ninja weapons should completely depend on your skills. If you are good at throwing things and hitting the target accurately, you should definitely buy throwing stars.

If you have quick hand coordination and movement, you must go for a ninja sword. Similarly, if you are good at throwing things and running swiftly, tantos are the best option for you.

Whatsoever weapon you choose, play to your strengths. This will allow you to have a quick grasp of the different ninja weapons.

FAQs About Ninja Weapons

How many types of ninja weapons are available?

Basically, there are four types of ninja weapons: invisible, clawed, air-propelled, and pyrotechnic.

How much do ninja weapons cost?

As there are several ninja weapons available, they vary in terms of cost. Generally, you can get them for under $50 individually.

Are ninja weapons safe?

Most of the genuine ninja weapons are considered to be safe after enough amount of practice. If you are a beginner with no prior experience, it is advisable to work under supervision, or with protective gear.

Which are the deadliest ninja weapons?

Some of the most intimidating and dangerous ninja weapons include shurikens, kunai swords, and throwing knives.

Which are the best ninja weapons?

The top three ninja weaponry gears include Hero’s Edge Japanese Ninja Katana, BLUEGOBY Blowgun, and Beyck Nunchuck.

Summing Up

Looking back to ninja history, you will find innumerable weapons being used in multiple ways. Maybe ninjas don’t exist today, but these weapons are a great addition to the various forms of martial arts.

We hope that by now you are a little bit more informed about the 10 best ninja weapons, how to choose, and their benefits. Select wisely and stay safe with any weapon of your choice.

Don’t wait any further to live your ninja dream. Get your desired weapon and start training today!

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