The 7 Best Muay Thai Sparring Gloves for Training in 2021 (Reviewed)

This post was updated on: January 1, 2021

Today we bring you 7 Best Muay Thai Sparring Gloves gone through the testing process, then filtered out for you by our expert team.

Sparring is a form of training which is crucial for any combat sports that requires the motion of hand and legs. It helps you improve greatly.

So, if you find yourself reaching a level where you have to spar then felicitations. This is a big step towards improving yourself in the sport.

Speaking of which, the first most important piece of gear required for sparring is a pair of gloves.

So choosing the right glove could be a daunting task. Especially with the products that are available in the market. The confusion might kill you.

So to remove such ambiguity we have created this review guide for anyone looking for Muay Thai sparring gloves.

The 7 Best Muay Thai Gloves for Sparring

To make your selection process easier here we have mentioned the best Muay Thai Sparring Gloves in terms of padding, material, and durability. So that you are bound to get the perfect glove.

1. Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves

The first and foremost pair on our list is Fairtex Muay Thai Sparring Gloves. When it comes to Muay Thai then Fairtex is probably the first brand you have to look for. All of Fairtex products are hand-made in Thailand with perfect long-lasting quality. Not only limited to this but these gloves have been tried by many professional players all over the world. So it is no wonder that this is our Top Pick.

Best Muay Thai Sparring Gloves


Perfect gloves for Muay Thai sparring. The quality of these gloves is unquestionable as they are constructed with real leather. The gloves are considered to be long-lasting than other Muay Thai gloves. The gloves offer a snug fit and are comfortable to use. You can easily practice clinch fighting while sparring. If you are looking for a glove that will last longer than even you expect then this is the one.

The microfiber material used in the glove is the key for antimicrobial and anti-odor features which ensures the breathability and freshness of your glove. Apart from that, these Muay Thai sparring gloves come with over 20 plus marvelous color variants.

Things We Liked

  • The most famous brand known for producing a top-notch quality of gears for Muay Thai.
  • The gloves are hand-stitched with leather in Thailand.
  • Tried by many professionals all over the world.
  • Offers a snug fit for better grip and comfortability.
  • The most long-lasting glove out there in the market of Muay Thai sparring gloves.
  • With the help of microfiber, the material is soft, flexible, and smooth to use.
  • The anti-odor and antimicrobial features keep the glove fresher and prevent bacterias.
  • Available with over 20 plus impressive color contrasts.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The gloves might feel tight when using first time.

2. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

The second pair of Muay Thai gloves for sparring on our list is the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves. Venum is known for producing quality materials for martial arts. All of their Muay Thai gears are hand-made in Thai land the very home of Muay Thai. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of these gloves. Thus, these gloves not only occupy the second place on our list but are our Premium Choice.

 Venum Elite Boxing Gloves


The material of the product is built from premium Skintex leather for truly elite level quality. They even have reinforced the seams so that the quality of the product is long-lasting. So you can fight stronger and harder. The palms of these Muay Thai sparring gloves are reinforced and with the help of triple density foam, so the shock doesn’t stand a chance. The product is ideal for mitts work, sparring, training, and bag work. The gloves are also suitable for advance to beginner fighter making it more reliable.

Besides this, the velcro hook and loop closure system are making it more is easy to use. The wrist support is amazing so that you are not prone to any wrist injury. These gloves come with amazing style and color variants that they stand out from the rest.

Things We Like

  • The gloves are hand-stitched in Thailand with premium Skintex leather for marvelous quality.
  • The color combinations are impressive.
  • The reinforced seams ensure that the quality of the product is long-lasting.
  • Best glove to spar with.
  • The anatomical shape offers a better grip and with the help of attached thumbs, there is no concern for safety.
  • The triple-layered density foam offers the best shock absorption.
  • The provide wrist support is excellent.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The glove is costly when compared.

3. Jayefo Beginners Muay Thai Sparring Gloves

The most pocket-friendly pair on our list is the Jayefo Beginners Muay Thai sparring gloves. They are not in just budget but also better in terms of quality and comfort. The company has made sure that these Muay Thai sparring gloves serve the best for newbies. So if you are a beginner then this is the best glove to start with your Muay Thai. Not only limited to this, but they have also even included a 2 years warranty replacement so if you somehow damage the product they got your back.

Jayefo Beginners Muay Thai Sparring Gloves


The material of this product is created by J-hide leather which will last longer than you expect. The palm holes reduce the odors caused by sweating. They have included extra padding on the knuckle for better protection. These are a good option for someone looking for lightweight boxing gloves. Thumb lock prevents injuries while training boxing, kickboxing, and sparring.

These Muay Thai sparring gloves provide Thai lining allowing you to experience the best. The glove also comes in different sizes and colors. The wrist support is amazing due to the hook and loop velcro closure for speed. The only flaw of this product is that you cannot go all out on the punching bag. Not that durable, but it works best for beginners as they can practice light sparring and light workouts.

Things We Liked

  • The dual-strap wrist grip offers greater wrist protection while the 3 layers of gel padding look out for your knuckle when training.
  • This is the best alternative for beginners’ training with sparring gloves for Muay Thai.
  • The vent holes reduce odors and keep your hand dry.
  • They have offered 2 years of replacement warranty which is the best especially at the price it is available so that you are fully focused on your sparring.
  • The glove is constructed with J-hide leather for long-lasting quality.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The glove is not that sturdy.

4. Everlast Pro Style Training Glove

Well if it isn’t for Everlast with their Everlast Pro Style Training Glove. The name and product have lasted through the years as the name states. The company’s gloves have been undefeated inside and outside the ring. So the quality of this glove is unquestionable. The glove can be used for various combat sports, including the one you are looking for. The company also offers a 120 days warranty which ensures that you don’t compromise on your training.

Everlast Pro Style Training Glove


These Muay Thai sparring gloves are made of premium synthetic leather and superior construction for long-lasting durability. The natural shape resonates with your hand allowing for more maneuverability, control, and protection. The full mesh palm handles breathability whilst the Everfresh treatment helps to prevent obnoxious odors.

Besides this, they have Improved curved anatomical grip and fit which is ideal for sparring, and mitt work. So that while practicing for your Muay Thai sparring your gloves accompanies you. However, they are not well suited for heavy bag workout but you can practice sparring and pad works.

Things We Liked

  • This Muay Thai sparring glove is build of premium synthetic leather for supreme quality.
  • They offered 120 days warranty that ensures that you don’t stop while practicing your Muay Thai sparring.
  • The improved curved anatomical grip and fit makes sure that it is ideal for your sparring and mitts work.
  • The mesh palm and the Everfresh technology helps to prevent offensive odors and keeps your hands dry.
  • The shape of the glove conforms with your hand allowing greater comfort and control.
  • The hook and loop strap closure for better grip and flexibility.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They are not recommended for heavy bag workout.

5. Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag Gloves

The next pair of Muay Thai sparring gloves are the Sanabul Essential gloves. The brand and the work of this glove are multifarious. They can be easily used for Punching bags, Boxing, Kickboxing, etc. The company has been known for delivering the best combat sports material out there in the market. Many professional fighters have tested and used the product across the globe.

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Punching Bag Gloves


Just the Muay Thai sparring glove you need. They have created the product for a professional level but at an affordable price. Engineered with leather the longevity of the glove is unquestionable. The fit of this glove is designed in such a way that you don’t have to spend months breaking-in. The gel-infused foam prevents injury while maintaining softness.

The glove is perfectly breathable and comfortable. They also have offered a general size guide so that you get a perfect size. The only caveat to look out for is that it is not too durable, however, this glove will be perfect for your Muay Thai sparring sessions.

Things We Liked

  • This Muay Thai sparring glove is constructed with engineered leather for long-lasting quality.
  • They have offered perfect fit and design so that you get your gloves and start with your sparring sessions.
  • The product is used and recommended by professional players.
  • With the help of velcro straps, you don’t have to worry about your wrist and can focus on the game.
  • With the help of a special longitudinal arch design, you feel like you have been wearing the gloves for a long time.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They are not that durable.

6. ZTTY Muay Thai Sparring Gloves

The second last pair of Muay Thai gloves on our list are ZTTY Muay Thai Sparring Gloves. The name may be awkward but the quality offered is the best especially at the price it is available. The gloves are also referred to as someone looking for women’s Muay Thai gloves. The product is well suited for most combat sports.

ZTTY Muay Thai Sparring Gloves


The quality of the glove is undeniable as it is constructed with polyurethane leather and it is not easily destroyable so that you can continue your sparring sessions with these Muay Thai gloves. In addition, the three-layer thick liner can be used to fill up the fighting glove for a better experience, especially for kickboxing fighters. They also provide pinholes which maintain the cooling and keep your hands dry.

The liner of this glove is made up of cotton material which is the best start for beginners looking to improve their sparring in Muay Thai. Apart from that, these Muay Thai sparring gloves also come with a size chart avoiding less confusion. The only demerit of the product is they are not recommended for heavy bag workout. Nevertheless, the price they are offered at and the given amenities are not arguable.

Things We Liked

  • The glove is made of high-quality polyurethane leather.
  • The price and qualities of this Muay Thai sparring glove is crazy good.
  • The material is made of cotton. and a good alternative for kickboxers.
  • The product comes with an extra-thick and an extra-long wrist strap which offers supreme protection and fit for your hands.
  • They have provided a general size chart so that you don’t have any trouble selecting the Muay Thai sparring gloves.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This Muay Thai glove is not well suited for heavy bag workouts.

7. Jayefo Glorious Muay Thai Sparring Gloves

Last but not least on our best Muay Thai sparring gloves list is Jayefo Glorious Muay Thai Sparring Gloves. This glove is a new guy in the market but is already beating some of the most known ones and thus occupies the last seat for this list. The product has been designed for both amateurs and professionals making it more reliable. This what the company has to say “Premium Quality with Not So Premium Price Tag” with which we fully agree.

Jayefo Glorious Muay Thai Sparring Gloves


The glove is Thai comfortable and can be used for boxing. This glove is also ideal for someone looking for women’s Muay Thai gloves. The interior of these gloves comes with a multi-layer gel that reduces the chances of injury during spar sessions. These Muay Thai sparring gloves are hand-made and hand-mold giving the glove a traditional look and quality with perfect design maximizing the grip.

Another interesting thing about this glove is that it offers cool mesh which keeps the glove cool and dry allowing no sweat to be generated in your hand. Also, removes bacteria and obnoxious odors that trust us you don’t wanna smell. The only snag is that there could be sizing issues for certain hands. Rest assured this glove is the most underrated product on our list.

Things We Liked

  • This Muay Thai sparring glove is hand-made and hand-mold to give perfect quality and look.
  • The interior of the glove is made up of multiple layers of gel injected into them which reduces the chances of getting wrist injury.
  • The thumb lock ensures maximum protection while the cool palm looks out for better ventilation.
  • The velcro straps offer better wrist grip and security.
  • They are beginner-friendly and are a good alternative for someone looking for the best boxing gloves and kickboxing gloves.
  • They have a good customer care service available 24/7 on amazon, so if you have any problem you can contact the company there.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • There could be a sizing issue for certain hands.

What is Muay Thai Sparring Gloves?

As mentioned earlier, sparring is a form of training used to improve your strength, speed, coordination, and confidence in most of the combat sports. Muay Thai for one is not an exception, so for sparring you will need a good pair of gloves that will not only last longer but will provide better knuckle protection and comfortability for both you and your partner.

So these mentioned above are the top 7 Muay Thai sparring gloves you can use to practice and reach on the next level of your sport. Generally fighters keep multiple pairs of gloves for their needs, one of such pairs is used for Muay Thai sparring.

Who Should Buy Muay Thai Sparring Gloves?

If you are looking to step up your game in any sports you need to train, and sparring is one such form of training. So if you are serious about Muay Thai and want to improve then you might want to get yourself a pair of gloves which are not only supported for your sport but also helps you with the sparring.

Your best bet for this would be Muay Thai sparring gloves as these gloves are not only limited to Muay Thai but also they provide better sparring comfort. They are designed specifically for that, with padding, foam, durability, weight, comfort, and quality.

Benefits of Muay Thai Sparring Gloves

If you are going to practice sparring in Muay Thai then you might need a partner. However, if you use ordinary boxing gloves then you might accidentally hurt your partner or yourself. So to avoid that, Muay Thai sparring gloves comes into action. These gloves are designed for ultimate shock absorption so that no matter how many impacts you or your partner throw onto this glove it will not hurt either one of you.

Another thing is that, they are have better padding so that your wrist and knuckles are safe and secure. Thus most of the Muay Thai Sparring gloves are prepared keeping mind the safety of you and your partner.

How to Choose the Perfect Muay Thai Sparring Gloves?

Now that we have our beautiful products ready and you are acquainted with the brands. Let’s understand what exactly you have to look for when you are about to purchase Muay Thai sparring gloves. They are mentioned as follows:


This probably the most imperative factor when it comes to Muay Thai sparring gloves. The material of these gloves is generally either real leather or vinyl also known as synthetic leather. There is not much difference to the quality though. But the major difference comes in price and durability. The real leather offers supreme quality and durability but is costly, so if you are ready to splurge on your first glove then this material is a must.

On the other hand, synthetic leather or vinyl is cheaper but not durable when compared to real leather. This type of material is very much suitable for beginners practicing Muay Thai sparring. So if you don’t to burn a hole in your pocket then this is the type of the material for you.


This is another important factor when it comes to Muay Thai sparring gloves. You should be aware of your size of wrist and we would recommend you to check the size chart while making a purchase. Generally sparring gloves comes within 14-18oz. Mostly women’s stick with 14 ounces. However, the recommended size of the glove in gyms is 16oz as they are the ideal weight for sparring and offers better protection to your knuckles and partner.


This also crucial when you look for Muay Thai sparring gloves. As any glove without the ventilation feature will cause a lot of sweat which will not only cost you your win but also expose you to multiple injuries. So make sure to check if there are ventilation holes in the glove or is breathable.


This is an important factor to look for especially if you are a beginner and don’t want to have a disaster for your wallet. The general price range for Muay Thai sparring gloves is around $30 to $200. However, keep in mind that there are budget-friendly brands if you are tied by the budget option.

On the other hand, if you are looking to be more extravagant on your first Muay Thai sparring glove then there premium brands mentioned which will not only offer the quality but also the comfortability you desire.


Which is the Best Muay Thai Sparring Gloves?

We have mentioned the 7 best Muay Thai sparring gloves, however if we would have to pick, that would be none other than our Top Pick and Premium Choice. The major reason is because they offer the best amenities.

Boxing Sparring Gloves or Muay Thai Sparring Gloves?

The answer is simple ordinary boxing gloves are manufactured for rapid punches and they are not that thicker especially on the wrists. In boxing, you are just supposed to throw punches and cannot do clinching fighting. They are not suitable for Muay Thai and might restrict your movements.

On the other hand, Muay Thai sparring gloves are stiffer and thicker on the wrist areas. As you are not just going to punch but also use a ton of different techniques. You have to engage in the clinch so you need more maneuverability and open hands. Which you cannot get while trying boxing gloves.

Can you learn to fight without Sparring?

Yes you can learn to fight without sparring, as sparring is form of training, there are other trainings that you can do to learn fighting. However, if you want to improve in your sport or game then sparring is a must and we would recommend you to do sparring.

Does sparring make you a better fighter?

Yes, because in sparring you are working on your timing, techniques, and strength as if you were in a real fight. So if you spar regularly then it is beneficial for your game. The more you spar the better you become.

How long should you train before starting sparring?

The answer will vary according to individuals, however if you are new to the sport then you should train for 1-2 months before staring your sparring sessions.


Now that you have all the information you need to buy your own best Muay Thai Sparring Gloves. We are sure that you will make the right choice. The products mentioned in this review guide are top out there in the market. If you have any doubts then feel free to ask them in the comments sections, we will gladly help you out.

Remember while purchasing your Muay Thai sparring gloves the material, size, and breathability are important make sure to check them out. So what are you waiting for go fetch yourself a new pair of Muay Thai sparring gloves and start dominating your games.

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