Best Heavy Bag Gloves: A Review to Help Your Overall Training

Best Heavy Bag Gloves
This post was updated on: April 1, 2020

Boxing is an aggressive sport, where two opponents take on each other and fight till one wins by points or knocks the other out. However, this contact sport is not for everyone, and there may be those who want to get into the sport just to keep fit and work out some aggression. The best way to do this is to hit the punching bag. This is a tough bag that is used to train for boxing. In order to protect your hands from the impact of hitting these punching bags, you need the best heavy bag gloves that you can find.

What are heavy bag gloves?

Heavy bag gloves are those that are used in hitting punching bags, and they have specific characteristics designed to protect you from injury. Here are some of the features that you should look for when you are looking to buy the best heavy bag gloves.


Heavy bag gloves undergo a lot of punishment. Whether you are a novice or a professional, you need to train at the bag every day. This means that the gloves you wear must have durable materials that can withstand this daily punishment. Most heavy bag gloves are made of leather or derivatives of leather; the main point is to have a material that will not tear within a short time.

Great Craftsmanship

For heavy bag gloves to withstand the vagaries of daily sessions at the punching bag, they must have great workmanship. This means looking for gloves that have reinforced seams and proper formation around the padding. If a glove has frayed stitching, then it will begin unraveling and before long, the seam will be broken and the glove will become useless. Do inspect the gloves before you buy them.

Protection of the hands

This is the main reason why you have to buy the best heavy bag gloves. Your hands are very important in your boxing career, whether you want to go pro, or are doing it for the love of the sport. You must get gloves that will cushion the shock of the impact that occurs when you punch the bag.

In this case, you have to look at the padding of the gloves. It must be heavy, so that it can cushion the impact of the gloves. Most people will adopt multiple foam layer padding, but others will go for the Gel gloves. Whichever gloves you choose, you must ensure that the padding at the front and around the hand is very heavy.

You must also consider the protection of the wrists. If you hit a punching bag badly, you can suffer a lot of damage to your wrist. Some people have broken their wrist bones simply from hitting the bag in the wrong form and trajectory. Punches must be thrown with a stiff wrist and this is why the support of the wrist is important. Go for gloves that have great support in the wrists in the form of padded Velcro wraparound wrist fastening, or those that have long padded cuffs.

Size, fit and weight

Now, before you go into the size, weight and fit of your heavy bag gloves, you need to know that you must keep your hands under wraps. Underneath the boxing gloves, you must wear wraps, which help in protecting your hands from injury even more. The wraps are basically long strips of cotton cloth, which are wrapped around the hands and fingers in a tight fashion. They are the ones that keep the fingers and hands in the proper punching configuration when you box, or else your bones would rub against each other causing you some discomfort. The fabric should be able to stretch a bit and should breathe, allowing your hands to cool down as you punch the bag.

Hand Wraps

After you consider the wraps, now you can go to size, fit and weight of the gloves. The gloves must be big enough to accommodate your hands after they have been wrapped. They must fit snugly or else your hands will be moving around in the gloves too much, thereby affecting the accuracy and power of your punches. Sometimes, loose gloves will actually fall off when you are training.

You should also look at the weight of the glove before you pick one. Bigger gloves normally have heavier padding and this will offer you more protection when you are hitting the punching bag. Most novices are advised to use bigger gloves since they allow for harder swinging without the prospect of injury to the knuckles. Also, when you train using heavy gloves, when you put on lighter gloves for sparring, then your punches will have more power and speed.


Although much has been said about the protection of the wrist using padded Velcro, you should also consider the other types of closures.

Laces – this is the traditional method of closing boxing gloves. With this style, the gloves are tied from the wrist to the lower hand using the laces. This method gives a great fit and also protects the hand properly.

Velcro wraparound – these are wrapping straps that are made of Velcro. They are normally padded to give more support to the wrist.

Loop and Hoop – these have a ring through which another strap is looped around the wrist.

These are the considerations that you have to look into when you are buying the best heavy bag gloves. With the best gloves, your training will be great and you may never miss a day at the gym, due to injury.

A review of some of the best heavy bag gloves

Title Gel World Bag Gloves

Title Gel World Bag Gloves

These are heavily padded gloves that are ideal for punching the bag. They are made by one of the leading boxing equipment manufacturers and this speaks of their high quality of manufacture. Their design is uniquely geared towards the delivery of very hard punches.

Things We Liked

  • They are made of heavy leather so they can be durable.
  • They have several layers of padding to cushion the hands from the shocks of the punches.
  • The inner layer is made of breathable material so your hand can remain cool and dry when training.
  • There is a gel lining just above the breathable material which helps in absorbing the shock too.
  • Lining tightly cushions your hand for added protection.
  • The leather cover comes in many different colors suited for both ladies and gentlemen.
  • Has loop and hoop wrapping which is padded to better protect the wrist.
  • The thumb is locked to avoid injuries.
  • Each of the leather panels has been double stitched for durability.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Some conservative boxers feel that the gloves have too much branding on them. The logo is on the top, the name on the wrist and the word Gel is on the thumb.

RDX Cow Hide Leather Gel Boxing Gloves

RDX Leather Gel Boxing Gloves

These are heavy bag gloves that have layers of Gel designed for absorbing the impact of hitting the punching bag. The design is advanced and is unlike that used in other Gel gloves. They are beautifully designed and would be a great addition to your glove collection

Things We Liked

  • Made of leather panels, carefully stitched together for stability and durability. The leather is made from full grain cow leather.
  • The gel layers soon conform to your hand for a personalized fit.
  • There are several gel layers placed strategically to absorb the shock of hitting a heavy punching bag.
  • There is a pliable gel section on the inside of the hand. As the hand goes into the glove, it wraps around this gel layer, and it protects the inner hand, or palm from injury during punching.
  • The layers are thicker around the knuckles and finger, and lighter around the wrist. Closure straps are loop and hoop, and wrap around the whole wrist for added protection.
  • They come in several colors, so they can be used by both men and women.

Things We Didn't Like

  • These gloves have a lot of labeling and some conservative boxers do not like this.

Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves

Ringside Gel Shock Boxing Super Bag Gloves

These are beautiful gloves in a minimalist design carefully crafted for hitting punching bags. They are light and have special padding and gel layers so as to absorb the impact when your hand hits the bag. The gel goes over the fingers and the padding is used over the rest of the hand.

Things We Liked

  • Use gel and foam to protect the hand from the punching bag. The gel is placed on the front of the gloves, where they hit the bag. The foam layers are used to protect the rest of the hand.
  • Unlike most bag loves, these are not too heavy.
  • Great protection around the wrist through the use of Elastic straps, combined with a hoop and loop system.
  • The gloves are made fully from leather panels.
  • Have great stitching and the seams are reinforced.
  • The finger is locked so there is no chance of injuring your thumb.

Things We Didn't Like

  • They only have three colors to select from.

Everlast Neoprene Heavy Bag Gloves

Everlast Neoprene Heavy Bag Gloves

This is one of the most affordable of the heavy bag gloves. It has a lovely black color which will appeal to most boxers. These heavy bag gloves are made by a leading manufacturer, so you can be sure that they were made to be proficient.

Things We Liked

  • These heavy bag gloves are made from neoprene and not leather. This is the reason why they are so affordable. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material which is very durable.
  • The flexible Neoprene provides boxers with the elasticity they need to move their fingers during punching. They also get some spring from the material.
  • The gloves come with protective foam which has already been curved to fit the natural and comfortable punching position.
  • Pre-curving keeps the fingers and hand in a safe position during training.
  • The gloves have a padded palm grip to protect the palm from the nails of the fingers.
  • The inner side is made of mesh material, to improve the breathing of the hand, and also to improve gripping.
  • The glove has an elastic strap which is used to keep it in place.

Things We Didn't Like

  • The gloves seem to be best suited for the pros, who are less likely to harm themselves. There is very little padding around the wrist.

Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves

Hayabusa Tokushu Gloves

These are beautiful heavy bag gloves that have a very interesting interior design. They are not your traditional boxing gloves. They have heavy hitting power and are really great for punching bag use. The design of these gloves actually came from university research, where they wanted a glove with superior punching power and protection.

Things We Liked

  • Employs a splint system that seems to absorb a lot of impact.
  • The splints also keep the hand and wrist aligned.
  • The lining is unique in that it is made from carbonized bamboo. This material keeps the internal environment cool, and also deodorizes the gloves.
  • The top is made from engineered leather called Vylar. This material is not only durable, but increases punching power.
  • It comes with a dual closure system which keeps the wrist safe from harm.

Things We Didn't Like

  • There is a strip of bamboo on the palm that can be irritating.
  • These gloves are costly.

In Conclusion

Having a session with the punching bag is a must for every boxer or athlete who wants to build upper-body strength and stamina. You need heavy bag gloves that will protect your hands from injury when going through this training. It is for this reason that boxing glove manufacturers have had to come up with gloves specially designed for using on the punching bag. The gloves have extra padding and other features that allow boxers to attack the bag without fearing for their hands. The features listed above are what you should consider when you are looking for heavy bag gloves.

The gloves listed above are some of the best heavy bag gloves that you can find. You can see the features that really make them stand out. If you need great gloves for the punching bag, then these should be the first gloves that you look at.