The 10 Best Focus Mitts of 2021

This post was updated on: February 1, 2021

Here are the 10 best focus mitts that we chose after researching for more than 48 hours with the help of professional players and our team.

Did you know, focus mitts were used by Bruce Lee in his training routines?

After that hitting the pads started to resurge in popularity, and now they are an impeccable part of training routines.

With that being said, buying the best focus mitts could be a daunting task, especially at the range they are available.

But don’t worry, we got you covered with this information-rich focus mitts reviews guide.

So what are we waiting for let’s just dive deep shall we?

The 10 Best Focus Mitts of 2021

Here we have reviewed the best focus mitts in terms of durability, quality, material, stitching, and breathability as well as cost and customer reviews. So that you are bound to get the appropriate pair.

1. RDX Curved Focus Mitts

The first and foremost one on our list is the RDX Curved Focus Mitts. These are just what you need when looking for the best boxing mitts. The product has been designed to withstand any punishment you can offer. It has been manufactured with effective Cow Hide leather which makes this mitt truly resilient in nature.

best focus mitts


The durability of the product is unsurpassable. The three-layer of gel integrated foam provides supreme impact resistance while the Supremo-shock foam padding offers better support for your wrist and hands.

The gel foam keeps the mitt ready all time for grueling sessions. The cool X mesh keeps your hands dry and cool while offering better ventilation.

The reinforced stitching and shell shock equilibrium sheet dissipates the impact evenly on the mitt. The doomed ergonomic palm design offers a supreme solid grip.

This the best punching mitt for focus mitt drills and is ideal for jabs, uppercut, hooks, training, and more. Well, that’s certainly a lot to offer and it’s no wonder as this is our Top Pick.

Things We Liked

  • This multifarious focus mitt is constructed from 100% Cowhide leather material which takes care of the durability.
  • The three-layered gel foam that is extremely compact helps out with maximum impact resistance.
  • The mesh palm helps to maintain the flow of air while keeping your hands sweat-free and cool.
  • The ball grip ensures that the comfortability of the mitt is not lost or compromised.
  • The refined doom palm design offers a great grip so that you are not distracted from the training session.
  • The mitt quality is long-lasting and the durability is unsurpassable.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • These focus mitts might come with a strong chemical smell.

2. Ringside Heritage Panther Focus Mitts

The second punch mitts are the Ringside Heritage Panther Focus Mitts. These are truly the best and the beast in boxing as they are constructed from the thickest 1.3 mm AA premium drum-dyed 100% genuine cowhide leather which takes care of the quality and durability.

Ringside Heritage Panther Focus Mitts


The double hook and loop closure with D-rings makes sure one thing that the fit is not compromised so that you are not distracted from the game. The company claims that there are no other mitts that provide such qualities and protection, with which fully agree.

Its 2 and a half inches foam padding ensures safety for your hands and the 2 inches wrist arch for extra protection is just crazy and not to mention the foam-padded finger hood.

Overall, the quality and durability this focus mitt provides is the reason why it is our Premium Choice. The product may be costly, as there is this old cliche “With higher price come higher quality”, which is 100% true in this case.

Things We Liked

  • The quality and durability of these focus mitts for boxing are unquestionable.
  • These punching mitts are constructed with 100% genuine leather that is 1.3 mm AA drum-dyed.
  • The double hook and loop closure with D-rings allows a customizable fit making it more reliable.
  • The 2 and a half inches impact minimizing foam with 2 inches wrist arch makes it the safest one out there in the market.
  • This ultra-light punching mitt comes with the foam padded finger hood adding more safety.
  • This the mitt of choice amongst the trainers and coaches.
  • The look of the product is classic and the design is marvelous.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The focus mitt is costly.

3. Cheerwing New Target MMA and Boxing Focus Pads

The next focus mitt is the Cheerwing New Target Boxing Focus Pads. This may be the new guy in the market but is still dominating the known ones in terms of quality and durability.

This mitt has been designed for daily focus training of MMA, Kickboxing, Karate, Muay Thai, Sparring, and UFC. All these with an attractive price, this punching mitt is for sure underrated.

Cheerwing New Target MMA and Boxing Focus Pads


These focus mitts are made with high-quality durable polyurethane leather which not only enhances the durability of the product but makes them easy to clean and maintain.

The pre-curve concave design provides you excellent striking surface and makes it comfortable to hold. They have even included ventilation holes and mesh palm for excellent breathability of your pad.

It has EVA material inside that absorbs the impact and spreads the force evenly on the pad which heavily reduces the damage. The ultra-durable polyurethane leather is wear-resistant, explosion-proof, and resist-hitting.

The only minor snag of this product is that it arrives with a strong chemical smell, which can be easily cured by leaving the product open when delivered.

Things We Liked

  • The brand is new but the offered amenities and qualities are easily beating the known ones in the market.
  • The lightweight ultra-durable polyurethane leather is wear-resistant, resist-hitting, and explosion-proof damn.
  • These pads offer an ergonomic curved fit.
  • The edges of these focus mitts are hand-stitched with a thick line and a cushioning effect.
  • The mesh panel and the ventilation holes keep your hands cool and dry.
  • These boxing mitts are designed with fully elastic EVA material inside which can easily absorb the impacts of your strikes.
  • The punching pad comes with 4 impressive color variants.
  • The most pocket-friendly one on our list.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The product comes with a strong chemical smell.

4. Sanabul Essential Curved Focus Mitt

Well if it isn’t for the Sanabul with Essential Curved Focus Mitt with the slogan ” Tested by pros, Created for you” and we fully agree with this. These professional punching pads can handle strikes like a pro and are ready for more.

The best part is that the price they are available. The company is prominent for its quality products in the combat sports market.

Sanabul Essential Curved Focus Mitt


You don’t need to spend months trying to break-in in into these boxing pads as they are designed to fit on your hand. These mitts are lightweight with infused Santec ultra light foam which lets these mitts absorb the highest hits without letting you know the impact and weight.

These mitts are made with engineered leather which can withstand thousands of hits without cracking. Another best advantage of this focus mitt is that they are designed to keep the coach safe.

As this uses half-ball palm grips, so it keeps them secure. They also offer an adjustable wrist strap that can be customized for fit according to your convenience.

Things We Liked

  • The mitt has been infused with Santec Ultra-light foam which keeps the weight of the mitt low while can withstand heavy strikes so that you can feel the impact, not the pain.
  • They offer a perfect fit so that you don’t have to spend months trying to break-in.
  • Engineered leather that can take up to thousands of hits without cracking and still be ready for more.
  • These boxing mitts are designed to keep the trainer safe so that you don’t have to pull your punches.
  • Thanks to the adjustable strap, you can easily customize the fit according to your needs.
  • The best punching mitts for beginners as the quality is amazing and the offered price is affordable.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They are not recommended for more experienced fighters.

5. RDX Boxing Target Focus Mitts

Another boxing mitts from RDX are the RDX Boxing Target Focus Mitts which are the perfect training partner that you will need for practicing Kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate training, padded punching, and coaching strike shield. Well, that’s certainly a lot to offer.

RDX Boxing Target Focus Mitts


The material of this punching pad is made of Maya Hide leather which adds up to the durability of the product. The pad offers patent design with pressure point Porelle membrane dome technology, with this feature the pad bounds with your hands allowing you more control.

It also stabilizes the pads while spreading the pressure evenly to the entire strike area. The high potency foam ensures that maximum shock is absorbed while you don’t feel the impact of the strikes.

With all this, the pad does not increase the weight of these RDX focus mitts and keep them lightweight. The downside of this product is that the contact surface is not that great as compared to other brands. Rest assured, the offered amenities are also more than other brands.

Things We Liked

  • This multifarious focus mitt has been manufactured with Maya Hide leather which takes care of the durability and quality.
  • The pressure point Porelle membrane dome technology offered in these boxing mitts is just amazing.
  • The high-potency foam withstands all the impacts which your strikes can offer.
  • You can leave the shock-absorption part to the EVA-LUTION foam technology.
  • The open finger design allows for better grips.
  • The S.P.P ventilation system maintains the breathability of your pad and keeps your hands cool & dry.
  • The reinforced double-stitching is the key to long-lasting quality and durability.
  • They’ve even re-design the outer covering for extra stability.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The contact surface of the pad is not that great when compared with other brands.

6. Ringside Panther

Another Ringside Panther focus mitts which can be used by men and women. With a unique smooth shape, this boxing mitt provides better leverage to both trainer and the coach while practicing with them. The durable leather ensures the longevity and durability of the product.

Ringside Panther


The product is best to use for multiple sports such as MMA, Muay Thai, Boxing, and partner contact. You can also practice a variety of footwork and this punching mitt proves to be a valuable asset for kickboxing. The contour and the ball shape insides add up to the comfortability.

This focus pad has been designed to provide proper alignment to the wrists, arms, and shoulders ensuring that the impact is absorbed by the pad. The product is long-lasting.

The best part is that there is no hook & loop closure simply put on or off making it easier to use. The only con is that the product is not suitable for extreme hard strikes.

Things We Liked

  • This one is the best when it comes to practicing hand and footwork.
  • This another multifarious mitt on our list.
  • This boxing focus mitt comes with a contoured shape that provides leverage for both the trainer and the coach.
  • The proper alignment of the wrists, shoulder, and arms are the key to excellent impact absorption.
  • This boxing mitt has no hook & loop closure which makes it easier to use.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The product is not designed to withstand extreme heavy strikes.

7. Ringside Pro Panther Boxing and MMA Focus Mitts

Once again Ringside, this punching pad is a pro version of the previous Ringside boxing mitt. These boxing focus mitts are curved perfectly with a secure fit while catching incoming punches.

Ringside Pro Panther Boxing and MMA Focus Mitts


With the help of durable leather, this boxing mitt can easily withstand all of your strikes. The flex panel expands and contracts the hood and glove providing better comfortability. This padded hood offers extreme protection to your fingers whilst the wrist is guarded with the wrist pad.

Like the other Ringside focus mitt, this one can also be used for all sorts of combat sports including kickboxing so that your footwork is improved while with your punches.

The easy slip on and off feature with an internal palm ball offers a better grip. The minor snag of the product is they cannot be adjusted for tight grips.

Things We Liked

  • This focus mitt has an internal palm ball with easy slip on and off features that make not only comfortable to use but also offers better grip.
  • The flex panel which helps the hood and glove to expand and contrast is amazing.
  • They’ve even padded the hood so that it provides better protection to your thumb and the wrist guard takes care of your wrist.
  • This pad is the best for drills.
  • The highly-durable leather works well with the durability and longevity of the product.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This ringside focus mitt is non-adjustable.


The next focus mitt is the Starpro T20 V-Tech. The name may be new but has started to dominate the known ones. The meticulous construction of this is hand-made with certified polyurethane and they’ve added polyester fabric delivering better comfort and durability against wear and tear.



The stitching of this training mitt is by heavy-duty 100% nylon strings which ensures the durability of the product. With the help of high-density foam doesn’t let shock stand a chance while absorbing the impact of all the punches you can throw at this boxing pad.

The built-in exterior foam protects your wrist from any heavy punches. With the help of the adjustable straps, you can customize the fitting according to your convenience.

They are the best for light training and some heavy workouts. Speaking of which some users have reported that the product might slip when he going gets tough.

Things We Liked

  • These focus mitts are multifarious and can be used to practice a ton of Martial arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and many more.
  • These boxing mitts are meticulously constructed with certified polyurethane with polyester fabric for added comfort and resistance again wear & tear.
  • Thanks to the heavy-duty nylon strings stitching the product display the core of durability.
  • The adjustable strap allows you to customize your fit according to your needs.
  • The ball shape offers a better grip and positions your hands to defensive claws which can absorb the impact of the punches.
  • The Heavy EVA foam with open-cell foam offers supreme protection.
  • Best for beginners looking to improve their skills.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • These punching mitts might start to slip after prolonged heavy sessions.

9. Fairtex Contoured

The second last focus mitts are Fairtex Contoured. Fairtex is a famous company delivering the best quality of products for martial arts. These punching mitts are hand-made in Thailand ensuring the quality of the product is not compromised.

Fairtex Contoured


These mitts are also used for multiple sports such as MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

The natural shape acts as a better receiver for punches and offers a great grip. These focus mitts are manufactured with the best quality of leather. They have included a soft hand compartment that ensures the safety of your hands and fingers.

While the shock-absorbing layered foam as the term suggests deals with the impacts and dissipates the force evenly on the pad so that you don’t feel the effects.

The durability and quality of these boxing mitts are unquestionable. Besides this, the included protective finger hood offers better safety overall. These focus mitts may prove to be costly.

Things We Liked

  • These mitts are hand-made in Thailand which takes care of the quality.
  • They have designed this training mitt with the best quality of leather so that the durability is not questioned.
  • The shock-absorbing foam takes care of the impacts.
  • The natural shape of these Fairtex focus mitts works better as a receiver while offering a supreme grip.
  • The soft hand compartment with the help of a protective finger hood offers better protection so that there are no safety concerns.
  • Another multifarious punching mitt on our list.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The product comes is costly.

10. Title Platinum 2.0 Focus Mitts

Last but not least is the Title Platinum 2.0 Focus Mitts. Title is also a brand known for selling quality products out there in the market for a decade. This mitt pad is crafted from 100% genuine top-grain leather which takes care of the durability and longevity.

Title Platinum 2.0 Focus Mitts


They offer a snug fit to your hand with the hook & loop closure that is with a D-ring. The shape of the product is best to handle all of your punches and kicks with an inside foam rubber palm ball.

Another benefit of the product is the added 2.5 inches of contoured shock-absorbing padding.

Additionally, the back finger cover with a wrist pad offers more benefits. The inside palm foam rubber ball takes all the punishment you can offer. They even have mentioned size charts.

The only caveat that we recommend you to look for is that the size is more suitable for smaller hand size and average hand size, with that being said they have also included a size chart to avoid confusion.

Things We Liked

  • This focus mitts are crafted from genuine top-grain leather that keeps the durability and longevity in check.
  • The product offers a snug fit for your hand all thanks to the hook & loop closure with D-ring.
  • The inside foam rubber palm ball takes all the heavy punishment that you can offer.
  • The extra 2.5 inches shock-absorbing molded foam is the key to withstanding heavy strikes.
  • The back finger cover with a wrist pad offers supreme support for your hands.
  • The glove is ideal for uppercuts, angled shots, jabs, straight shots, hooks, overhands, and more.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The product is less convenient for big hands.

What are Focus Mitts?

A focus mitt or sometimes referred to as a punching mitt is a training tool used by most combat sports practitioners or trainers. The main focus here is to develop good punching combinations and defensive maneuvers. They are currently an irreplaceable part of a trainer’s routine.

The person holding these mitts will be mostly responsible to improve the puncher’s techniques and to develop some defensive movements such as bobbing, weaving, sparring, blocking, and slipping. The major importance here will be on the punchers than the one wearing these mitts.

Who Should Buy Focus Mitts?

Well, anyone looking to improve in their game or combat sport should opt for focus mitts. They are considered to be similar to sparring instead here you don’t have to fight a live person and thus they become an imperative part of a practitioner’s routines. These mitts are majorly used for improving your punches while adding some more maneuverability to your defense.

Not only the striker but the trainer or coach can also benefit from these punching pads. While they are responsible to train you and to inform you where you have to improve. They can also develop defensive techniques and counter-attacks. Not only that they can also mimic some styles or fighters to test your defense and offense while in doing so they are also improving themselves.

Benefits of Focus Mitts

There are several benefits of hitting focus mitts some of which include developing reflexes, punching and defensive techniques, and many more. These are the best way to improve yourself in a particular sport. Not only best for improving yourself in the sport but a fun way to workout. Thus they are close to sparring. These punching mitts are not just used to hit hard and fast but to also develop timing, accuracy, strategy, etc.

This where the mitt holder tests your defense while you can practice defense and offense simultaneously. Working on these pads will help you to engage and experience realistic training. The trainer or coach can also imitate a certain fighter or fighting style to help you develop your moves and strikes. Another advantage of working on a boxing mitt is that they are considered to be the best equipment to improve counter-attacking.

How to Choose the Best Focus Mitts?

Now that you are acquainted with our beautiful product list and brands. It’s time to understand the core concepts of focus mitts and which factor to consider while purchasing them. Fortunately, we have mentioned all the products which these factors. The factors are mentioned as follows:


The material used in the focus mitts will determine the quality and durability of the pad. Like most of the sports equipment, the material should be made of real leather. As the durability and the quality it offers is unquestionable. Well, with such quality and durability they come with a hefty price tag. So if you can afford a real leather boxing mitt then go for it don’t overthink.

Synthetic leather can be considered to be a thrifty alternative when you are tide to budget or simply cannot afford real leather. They are almost similar when it comes to quality but durability is what distinguishes them. These are mostly used by a ton of brands and players as they are just affordable.

Don’t worry, we have mentioned some real and synthetic leather products so that you are bound to get the ideal one.


This is another crucial aspect when it comes to choosing focus mitts. The padding will determine the safety of you and your trainer while you are practicing. A good pad with great padding and shock-absorbency will be most likely to keep you and your coach safe while training.

The main thing of a boxing pad is to absorb the impacts of your punches so that the one holding them doesn’t feel any pain. So having thick padding and a good shock-resistant mitt will help to prevent any injuries for your wrist and joints. The main rule of thumb while looking for focus mitts is that you should feel the impact, not the pain.


The stitching is what adds up to the durability of focus mitts after leather. So having a good quality stitch for your pads is essential. If the quality of stitching is poor then the threads might start to come apart rendering the pad useless.

The brands which offer reinforced stitching are the brands you should look for. Good quality of stitching and material is the key to long-lasting durability and longevity of the product.


You probably don’t want your hand slipping in the middle of your training which can lead to serious injuries. So having a good grip over your focus mitt is important as well. Look for products that can offer you a perfect fit and can conform to the natural shape of your hands. This thing has two advantages, the first one is that you don’t have to spend months trying to break-in the pad and can start your training. The second one is that they will fit accordingly.


This is the most important factor in all types of hand-wear. Having focus mitts without ventilation or mesh palms will not only generate sweat but also produce obnoxious odors that trust us you don’t want to smell.

So you should look for pads that offer mesh panels or ventilation holes so that your hands are dry and cool. There are brands offering features which not only offer better breathability but also have an anti-microbial feature which keeps the bacterias away. We have mentioned some products with such features.

FAQs About Focus Mitts

How much do focus mitts cost?

The cost of focus mitts is something that you should be aware of especially if this the first time you are purchasing one. The general price range is somewhere between $30 to $90.

If you are ready to splurge on the first pair of your boxing mitts then there are brands offering above $90.

On the other hand, if you are tied to a budget then there is a way out for you as some brands are offering below $30. There is nothing wrong with getting a cheap focus mitt as long as it is serving your needs even if it is constructed of synthetic leather.

Which is the best focus mitt?

Though we have mentioned some of the top ones out there in the market, selecting the best of the best could be hard. However, if we had to select one then it would be none other than the RDX Curved Focus Mitts. The major reason is due to the offered amenities.

When training with focus mitts do you need to wear gloves?

The answer is yes, we would recommend you to wear a pair of gloves when practicing with focus mitts for a long period. As you will be striking the pad hard & fast, so if you are striking with bare hands then you might accidentally hurt yourself. Safety should be our number one priority no matter the sport.

Does focus mitts helps boost your performance?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, working on a focus pad is the best way to improve yourself in the sport. While training not only you are improving your punches but also speed, timing, reflexes, and accuracy. Besides this, they also offer a realistic experience while training. Not only limited to that, but they are also the best gear to improve your defense and counter-attacks.

Can you wash the focus mitts?

Yes and no, no if you are planning to wash these pads into a washing machine. Yes, if you can wash them by hand. This is the reason why you should look for pads that offer breathability as they not only keep your hands cool and dry but also prevents offensive odors.


Now that you have all the information you need to buy the best focus mitts, we are sure that you will make the right choice. All the products mentioned in this review guide are currently dominating the market.

Just remember that the quality, material, padding, and stitching are the key things when it comes to focus mitts.

So with that being said, if you have any doubts feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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