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The Greatest Boxing Matches Of All Time

The Greatest Boxing Matches Of All Time

When you consider the greatest boxing matches of all time, there is one that always mesmerizes even the best of boxers. This is the 1893 fight between Andy Bowen and Jack Burke; the longest boxing match ever recorded in history, which lasted 110 rounds and had to be stopped by the referee, who called it […]

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What Is A Bolo Punch?

What Is A Bolo Punch

What is a bolo punch? This is a question that is asked by many new entrants into the boxing and martial arts world. At first, you will learn about many other boxing techniques and punches before you get to learn about the bolo punch. Initially, this was a martial arts punch, but it was adopted […]

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What Is A Double Leg Takedown In MMA?

What Is A Double Leg Takedown In MMA

The double leg takedown in MMA is also known as the double leg or simply the double. This is a move that involves grabbing the opponent’s legs with both arms and then pushing with your chest or shoulders in order to bring him to the mat. You can either lift the opponent, push him over, […]

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Top 10 Best Pound For Pound Boxers

Best Pound For Pound Boxers

Not many people are conversant with the term, “Pound for pound”. This is a term used in boxing or martial arts to assess and rank fighters, regardless of their size or class. The fighters are not in direct competition with one another, and these rates are somewhat subjective and may vary from one organization or […]

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What’s The Best Weighted Vest For Training And Running?

Best Weighted Vest For Training And Running

Training for strength is very important in any sport. When it comes to boxing strength training is done in the gym using weights, and also through using the punching bag. However, it has been shown that jogging while carrying weight also improves your strength, since you are combining strength training with aerobics. In the past, […]

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How To Hang A Punching Bag?

How To Hang A Punching Bag

If you are an aspiring boxer, then you know that having a punching bag is crucial to building your speed, agility and power. You may have one in the gym, but you may also want to hang one at home so you can train in the privacy of your home from time to time. You […]

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How Tall Is Mayweather?

How Tall Is Mayweather

When you ask the question about how tall is Mayweather, your mind will automatically think of his 5 foot 8 inches height, but this is not so. Floyd has a long reach of 72 inches and is one of the greatest pound for pound fighters of all time. He has fought his way into the […]

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How Long Is A Boxing Round?

How Long Is A Boxing Round

Every boxer and boxing fan is familiar with “Ding! Ding! Ding! Round 1.” This is a cry that proclaims the start of the first round in a boxing match, but how long is a boxing round? The length of a boxing round will depend on the caliber or class of the match. An amateur match will […]

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Best Punching Bags For Kids Reviews

Best Punching Bags For Kids

Children who are training in MMA, Muay Thai, boxing and many other types of martial arts have to train on their strength and techniques. One of the best ways to train children about hitting hard is to use the punching bag. This is why you need the best kids’ punching bags to train them on […]

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